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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Everready
Song:   Flash
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[Verse 1:Tech N9ne]
Show day is stressful everybody wanna call gotta tell 'em
naw sometimes sit up in a record store 700 fans man
everyone signed and it get so hard telling 'em all
please try to form 1 line with the playa hataz combined
I don't think you know, how much of a strain it's been
I can't explain it's insane but I wouldn't give up a thang
I live with the pain and resort to brain trippin'
I need a little release
somethin' to stop my rage I really need me a moment of peace
so baby girl when I step on stage

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Flash like it's Mardi Gras
flash girl take off your bra
flash talkin' to all of yaw
flash this is a party call flash
this song ain't about your ass
but I really love it when you pass
if you're with me can we smash
my baby doll

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
I really love it (really love it)
I can see them from the front row to the back
and its beautiful I've imagined this
since I was a youth, now that I'm old enough
girls that are swoll enough grab your shirt roll it up
Even if you're A cup girl we can still play touch
if you're a B and C cup girl I bet you can make me erupt D cups
be the ones that are driving me nuts big breast never trouble me
if you packin' a double D let everyone s. double E
Angelina Joli let me see those beautiful babies
I'm all about the tito's Ms. Jackson packin' 'em wholly Toledo
missed the flash cause I didn't have TVO
ask me who's fira playa Imma yell Tyra
little sick in the head still got the magazine of Elvira
Life is so grand, when you got yo fans blastin'
out their shirts flashin' their Lindsey Lohan's
I got a pocket full of Trojans
we can all get nasty if you flash me baby you know the program


[Bridge:Tech N9ne]
Girls in the back come 2 the front
cause we in need of cleavage and I been lookin' at you
You and yo homegirl
Let me see both of them now grab a hola them
look what you doin' to me now grap a hold him

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Such an odd sensation, you know the dogs been waitin'
for you to quickly take off your Vicky and show me your augmentation
silicon or saline either way puts me in a daydream
talkin' 'bout it gets me way steamed baby girl this Regime
When you see me baby lift it up thinkin'
Imma miss it nigga what?
If I miss one back it up stit elur eht dlrow.
Tig old bitties lady, from city to city crazy
here's your instructions, show me them titties baby


Travelin' for miles and miles
Girls gone wild love this peculiar style
So in order for us to get our heads right
We all need you ladies, to turn on your headlights!