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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ JL
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Some Good
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Grade A ganja, burn 'til it's gone
Doja cologne, O.G. mist on
Calls to return, my to-do list long
But I'm unconcerned, well can you do this blown?
Cloudy-eyed stroll, change up my schedule
I rolled a couple of 'em up and look what it led to
Not no regular marijuana, that shit is special
Smell the odor, ain't non-smoker inhale a chestful
When I forget about what I gotta do today
Case of a random rap CD used as a doobie trey
Hit the end of the L and tap it 'til it get threw away
Try to fit the rest of this G of diesel into a J
Kief on my hands, kush on my pants
Shift in my plans...
Task to complete, but passin some tree
Light that to some heat

[Chorus: JL]
I got places to go, people to see
Things I should do, somewhere I could be
But that's some good weed
Yeah, that's some good weed
You could tell by the look on my face
Ain't no way to hide that I smoke
And it smell as good as it taste
It's like kush my cologne
Now that's some good weed

[Tech N9ne]
Cavi Cone, had me blown
Every day +Boombastic+, Shaggy song
Make you wanna go and put some turkey patties on
After that you wanna serve your lady daddy long
Takin a Cone of Gary Clark Jr. was pivotal
Me and Bouriqua told him, "Careful, this strain is critical"
They were hospitable, we got on they bus and lit a few
Picked up his new guitar, his strummin sounded like syllables
I think I'm trippin, I think it's riffin
It's talkin to me sayin words and ain't no talkin, just listenin
Bus so cloudy I don't think nobody's suspicion
is pointin at me twitchin like Smokey in the coup with chickens
Liftin higher, so high I think I'm up with Christians
Out of they shell they spirits only existin
Bumped into Godemis, his aura is hella glistenin
with Gary Clark's face with another spliff he was twistin
Then I say "Whoa mayne, I gotta go mayne
That Cavi's so strange" and I said that with no shame
I was lit up like propane, trippin over this dope strain
Gary say, "Do you think the Cavi is mixed with cocaine?"
I don't know, I don't know
All I know is that it's super fire when I blow
He say "Thanks for the dough," I say, "Have a good show"
I was on one and I hope he didn't know


That's some good weed...
That's some good weed, that's some good weed
That's some good weed, that's some good weed
That's some good weed, that's some good weed
That's some good weed, that's some good weed


{"Strange Music, Dominion 2017"}