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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ MAYDAY!, Murs
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Salute
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[Intro: Wrekonize]
Yeah I don't give a fuck who it is
Anybody can get (anybody, absolutely)
You already know what it is (bring it)
So don't ask

You wake up to find no cereal inside of your box
You got a problem, them Strange rhymers out on your block
So good morning, get it in like it's 30 below
Another ¡MursDay! is here to come and dirty your soul
You see the haters get the genitals, back up off the minerals
Rollin with the general and high off that medical
Rollin all around the world still rockin a flip phone
Hip-Hop to the dick, two-steppin in every zip code

Pull up in the lot with all my kin and crash ya shindig
Bitch we on the clock and this is all official business
I been on the radio and shit has got ridiculous
Got me in the mood to cause some motherfuckin mischief
Override the system, drugs with some sick kids
You know what we on, we tryna make the fuckin hit list
Write a couple songs and live forever in your pictures
Pick another fight before they kick us out the exit

[Chorus: Murs]
Walk up in the party with our guns drawn
Might just leave a body on your front lawn
I don't give a fuck if they say we wrong
You better keep your hands up when they play this song
And keep your hands in the air
If you know the government don't care
If you got on $5 underwear
But you're feelin like a fuckin millionaire
And can I get a hell yeah? (HELL YEAH!)
Do It Big, Keep It Strange, don't care (HELL YEAH!)
Keep your eyes on the prize, don't share (HELL YEAH!)
Cause we 'bout to take the crown this year (HELL YEAH!)

Second batter up, I never had a fuck
to give, if I did, shit, you was out of luck
I'm laser focused with mine like Scott Summers is
That's Cyclops, X-Men for you dumber kids
I read them funny books, that got the pictures in 'em
Still pull the thickest chick, in the sickest denim
And then I spit this +Venom+, like Eddie Brock does
Had the crowd raisin eyebrows like The Rock does
Blood, Cuz, it's all in the same gang
Just brothers in different colors, we need to change thangs
And this is Strange gang, talkin 'bout my chain again
Mine's fine, I got it shined by my Asian friend
At the swap meet, in the wrong hood
I'm the bad man but still make the song good
Good enough they had to sign me, better ask Trav
I'm fuckin with these Strangenetics, bro I'm in the lab


[Tech N9ne]
Cannons out, everybody runnin out
Hearin people scream and shout, "Oh my God, HE'S GOT A GUN!"
Cause they run their mouth, they throwin this tongue about
like havin some kinda clout (it's negroes, we better run)
He don't want it (he don't want it) he don't need it (he don't need it)
If they try to put a case on us we gon' beat it (we gon' beat it)
Interrupted a groovy movie
So we said fuck it, left and ate at Ruby Tuesday's
Snotty white waitress sat us, sorry I'm so blunt
One of the homies singin YG's "Fuck Donald Trump"
And she said ("Fuck Obama!") And we said ("Fuck yo' momma!")
"And your granny too cause we would never touch yo' na-na, bitch!"
Manager said we gotta leave
Not before I get a shot, I get it then I'ma peace
And he said (no) so I grab somebody, shot off the bar quick
Lifted it up and said, "Here's to you (HEY) suckin my dick"