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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Darrein Safron, Godemis
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Reloaded
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[Intro: Darrein Safron]
Yeah... look
This that St. Louis shit, yeah
Bitch I know you mad
Bitch I know you mad
Ay, yeah (aw yeah)

[Darrein Safron]
Come and say that to my face (yeah)
Come and say that to my face (skrrt)
I'm from the city of greats (yeah)
We shooters that trap every day
Look, you don't know nothin 'bout me
If you wanna learn homie please check where I stay
Yeah, St. Louis like Nelly, ayyy
Look what you want, a 9 or a K
Uh, fuck all that talkin, we mobbin
and runnin commas up 'til the dollars is overflowin my pockets
I'm the plug, I'm the socket dawg, you could get it for the low
Got that Midas touch dawg, everything gold
You a hater dawg, you should really check yo' clothes for bullet holes
I suppose, Lambos with butterfly do's
Suggest you move over like transpose
You don't want the +Problem+ with Tech on the last song like (uhh)

[Chorus: Darrein Saffron]
I know they hate it when I roll by
You talkin shit that you don't know about
I cannot lose focus, they tryna blur my focus
I can feel the devil on me, I just reloaded
Reloaded (brrt) I'm a muh'fuckin soldier
Reloaded (brrt) I'm a muh'fuckin soldier
Reloaded (brrt) I'm a muh'fuckin soldier
Reloaded (brrt) reloaded (aw yeah)

[Tech N9ne]
They see me with women that's glamorous
People think I'm polyamorous, when I go hippity-hop I hammer chicks
Never blowin bunk and bammer sticks
Muffed the milli and mind your manners, miss
Blood I get to blastin that blammer bitch
Action always accompanies an anarchist
Suckers slip up and stammer shit
But I like livin life lovely and lantern lit
Muh'fucker (cheah!) I am the Tech, I'm buyin the jet
Lot of people are freakin out with maybe flyin the vet
Eyein the check, no denyin bitches cryin for sex
Spyin, dyin or wet, wanna put the N9ne in your neck
They really wanna deep-throat it cause everything he quoted
was devoted to makin them miss it and decode it
Incredible fuckin piece of what the C's and B's voted
The T's roguish and sees solace when reloaded!


Niggaz want me to go away
Pray to God I get 86'd
Unaware who they fuckin with
From the looks of those baby dicks
Life's a bitch and her head game
make most lames cum crazy quick
Cash rules everything around me
Now you know what to pay me with (wait)
I don't know what could be matter with 'em
They want me to battle with 'em, it's all automatic
If Tech is clappin I'm clappin with him, ain't nothin but static
The homie Darrein had to hit him and now I'm attackin the rhythm
Back with the pattern and that'll get 'em to admit
I literally gotta be one of the illest they ever heard with the blah-blah
What the fuck y'all think? Yeah my shit don't stink
And they all pissed off, we the ca-ca (damn)