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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Darrein Safron, Stevie Stone
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Put Em On
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[Intro: Darrein Safron]
I just gotta put 'em on
My city askin me to put 'em on
My day ones, gotta put 'em on
Family I gotta put 'em, shawty askin me to put her.. on

[Tech N9ne]
Feelin like I'm one of the best and e'rybody ain't trippin
Like an Aventador on fo' flats but the paint's drippin
To the people makin it up and sayin that I'm done, I can't slip and
I'ma taint this with not a saint mission
with the imagery to make you faint Christian
I'm a killa, for my city nigga, it ain't only me, it's so many gritters
Servin weak cats, makin 'em take a seat in they kitty litter
keep somethin pretty wit us
And that's dames and dumpers, they shame to bump us cause we upper echelon
Yes I'm dark, I am Megatron, go Decepticon whenever Tech is on
Steady reppin, Missou' huh
That's right, that's right, I can't think of nothin better to do, huh
Yes I, yes I gonna be the one to say the Soo, stretch all the way to the Lou'
So you careful when speakin ill of my crew, huh

[Chorus: Darrein Safron]
We all came up from nothin
We all lookin for somethin, yeah
You want them finer things in life
Don't act like you don't want this
I just gotta put 'em on (ayyy ayy)
My city askin me to put 'em on (yeahhh yeah)
My day ones, gotta put 'em on (yeahhh yeah)
Family I gotta put 'em {ask me to put 'em}
Shawty askin me to put her {want me to put her} on

[Stevie Stone]
Yeah, workin? I've been workin, I've been locked in, I been workin
I done clocked in, and the plots in, and when we pop in, we jerkin
I got family dependin on me, hatin niggaz bring envy on me
Get the game and I give the homie, got plenty on me
I wanna give a shoutout to my A-1's, better view for my day ones
Win or lose, there's a bitter feud, nigga I'ma be the liaison
Talk now, I'm delegated, kept out it then elevated
Call the fam like "Yeah we made it," buy ma the crib with a elevator
Like - they know, came up with like no dough
Prayed up, I never changed up, I start the game up, I got bank roll
Hit fo', get mo', me and my niggaz keep it lit so
Buy my momma that new Benzo, no more ends low


[Darrein Safron]
Damn, where did my bros? I started broke
Ill in the mind and sicker the most
You gotta fly to see what I'm on
Baby I'm just, tryin to get low
Uh, walk out the star, hop in the Rover
Cup runneth over, I got this sorted
Baby you know, that I'ma be on it
St. Louis are on up


[Outro: Tech N9ne]
K.C. and St. Louis stand up