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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko, Prozak
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Jesus and a Pill
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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Trying to search for zen (zen)
On this dying Earth we're in (in)
No denying my thirst for skin (skin)
With the heat frying, the curse begins (begins)

[Tech N9ne]
My taste carrier seeks
the blood of an angel, how can I mangle? Make terrier teeth
from straight tearing on meat, Yates buried her deep
I don't wanna eye everything die like the Great Barrier Reef
It's a bad moon, mad gloom, givin stab wounds
Suckin a soul up like a vacuum (vacuum)
Monkey, apes and baboons in the classroom
Wanting to be upper class and cash coons, mass doom
Then I woke up, choked up
Glad it was a dream and now I wanna go pick a lotus
But the grass is low cut, no fluff, wish I could say hocus pocus
with the bees and pollen in focus so the food we need isn't bogus
Fake feedings, race leading to death
Everybody's race needing great eatings for breath
Dreams based on real spill quick to leave you in a chill
Told my doctor this, he said I need Jesus, and a, pill

[Interlude: Krizz Kaliko]
See, it doesn't matter what I want
I think what is done is done

[Chorus: Tech N9ne + Krizz Kaliko]
Everything is dead to me!
Losing my ability, to be
In touch with reality
Ohh-ohh-ohhh, I need Jesus and a pill!

[Krizz Kaliko]
I wake up to a new day
Then it all comes crumbling down
I don't wanna be here, anyway
But here it comes again, LET IT IN!

Takin a journey through the depths of my psychosis
Multiple personalities adamantly ferocious
Adversed in agony, angrily cup a closed fist
Err on the side of caution if you try to approach bitch
A mental breakdown, suffocatin with hate now
No escape for heaven's sake, there ain't nobody safe now
I'm thinkin of killin 'em all, afterlife and sendin 'em off
Outta line, outta time, so outta my mind and outta control
Tell me why am I thinkin these thoughts? Skin burnin at the sign of a cross
Somebody help me I think that I'm lost, edge of insanity I have been tossed
Mayday, got a man down, better pray for safe space now
Stay away or become prey when I rampage and I spray rounds
Pharmaceutical holocaust, a little bit lyrical Molotov
Serial killer like Michael with a knife and a rifle, I'm psycho, I'm poppin off
So let me say this, you don't wanna say shit
End up another screamin victim on my playlist



[Krizz Kaliko]
But how can I be so sure that
anything could help me now?
I wanna believe you, but I'm not listenin
And if I fall, God help us all