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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Crystal Watson, Krizz Kaliko
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Fish in a Pita
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[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko + Crystal Watson]
Got me fired up
Might wanna keep that tied up
Get up! (Get up!) And get goin right now
Ain't feelin right, feelin wrong right now
Hold up, gon' leave ya, don't need ya
Won't eat ya, fish in a pita
Aight then (aight!)
I ain't trippin, I'm slidin, wait a minute

[Tech N9ne]
She pulled up in her car at the crib
This was way before the Nina was a star and I lived
at my granny's, the girl that stepped out the car she was a whammy
Tight jean shorts, no panties and her booty was uncanny
Went to school together, "How 'bout some food endeavors?"
I wrote it smooth in a letter, she wrote back "Cool, whenever"
So this is the day, hopped in the car with her, to a kissin display
Later for eatin now I'm on a mission to spray, okay
Hopped in the back seat, movin toward with that heat
between her legs, the wings are spread, I'm yearnin for that cat meat
I'm wishin to beat her but I got to sniffin her skeeter
through her clothes, I quit because she had the fish in the pita


[Tech N9ne]
Big chick, pretty face
Okay, I wanted to find out how them huge titties taste
Can't remember what city, state, I wanted the kitty space
But I did this dizzy date on a bus after my show with a bigly shaped
bitch, kissin on me, chick is only
They told my hissin homies dissin on me, y'all trippin nigga this a pony
They laughin while I'm dashin to the back
Finna be smashin my pretty fat friend 'til her ass need a Aspirin
Hold up - strippin down, my dick is now swole up
Smells like fish and now my stick is outta commission how to' up
I assume she hate to groom, funk illuminates the womb
Can't believe she let fish in the pita fumigate the room


[Tech N9ne]
If she sit on your lap and she got jeans on
And you smell that fish in the pita, she ain't a bring-home
That really mean the stream wrong, it seems strong 
to be comin through her garments
so why would you want that fishy cream on your ding-dong?
Some women need just to stop treating they twats cheaply
If that's between you we're not eating, it's not freaky
So stop mistreating, you're not feeding me hot meaty
Fish in a pita leakin to ziti, or tzatziki (ugh)
I know you women thinkin this awful
But you know who you are and really you're livin unlawful
If you're stinkin - fellas I don't know if anybody ever taught you
Fish in the pita - it's hard as hell to clean it up off you

{*talking in background*}

[Outro: Krizz Kaliko + Crystal Watson]
Aight then (aight!)
I ain't trippin, I'm slidin, wait a minute