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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ CES Cru, Wrekonize
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Casket Music
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Casket music...
Casket music...

It's Killer City, anyone'll run up
You from around here, I ain't gotta tell you to duck
With very little unity it's really never enough
People in the community don't band together enough
We all aware that it sucks, the hood resembles a pigsty
Even your baby mama trippy, kid got a twist tie
And look at the list why, niggaz are not feelin me
Tryna live free and take zero accountability (hold on!)
You lie to kick it, you're probably wicked as Hillary
And she who does not feel me is just not real to me
Dick tease, the nicest on the mic, tell the bitch please
Would you be kind enough to shut the fuck up and twist trees?
I'm on a high, I might be flyer than Chris Reeve's
And I would never try to strike a chick with my fist, geez
I'm wise enough to know to just let a chick leave
And use the time to find the grind and methods to gettin cheese

[Chorus: Wrekonize]
I got a couple buddies that'll cross on your border
And turn you into slaves for the new world order
Snake and Bat's flyin up inside close quarters
You can't keep it clean and dig the muddy waters
So step back young'n, this is grown folk talkin
This isn't for the radio, the single won't be poppin
This is true grit, it's lit for you to bash to it
Killer MC shit bitch, casket music

U-B-I bitch, yo
I crush a rhyme and when bustin my flow is customized
They plagiarize when I'm writin it so it's justified
And say good night if I ever switch into double time
They're sleepy, dust in their eyes, they listen to lullabies
Rubbin they eye while I'm runnin, wish I could shut an eye
So don't sit back and unwind, this isn't the summer time
It's duck and cover if ever I pull your number time
It's sit for dinner and serve a sucker for supper time
My state of mind is transcendin the space and time
You played a side so I am takin your place in line
Day in the life of the long-winded, I stay alive
Only the strong survive in this game, I made it mine
Bitch when I'm winnin they're bitter, really what matters most
I learned the twist of these catacombs while I sat alone
My DNA incompatible with an average Joe
I catapult and I'm flyin into the battle zone
Rep for the roster, partner pushin for proper pay
Chakras align while I'm oscillatin like Doctor Strange
They cock and aim, lose nerve, but never drop a name
We are not the same, same difference is how we operate, yah


[Tech N9ne]
Astonishing, I can still hear my mama sing upon a dream
Then Obama brings some nah-nah things from the drama king
I want a fling but with mama singing it's wronger thing
So I'ma keep fondling this honor queen from the conjuring
Dude's crazy, he's who's baby?
Maude Sue lady through Hades, fools made me
lose faith, we bruise fugazis
Who played me like ukulele, too shady, ooze roots gravy
Out your noodle, you pussy punk, you's a poodle
I push your peanut to Pluto then pack your parents in a Peugeot
Better yet in a Yugo, yes y'all are eulogies, you know
After killin like Cujo, I'm catchin a wave nouveau
Ah, ah, to the rancid area this belong to
Ah, ah, drink away my pain and then piss it on you
Give the song new meaning
Eat it up, beat it up, if it's wrong you bringing
FUCK YOU! Here's new Nina to rock to


{"Strange Music, Dominion 2017"}