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Artist: (Tech N9ne) f/ Brotha Lynch Hung, Godemis, Murs
Album:  Dominion
Song:   Bacon
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Yeah, huh
I ain't lookin for a co-sign, bro say we okay
Killer and I'm in no time, and get away so okay
No heroes, I slayed 'em, they countin sheep in that dirt nap
And they were unaware that I slayed 'em 'til I sprayed 'em with my worst raps
My first raps went spam sammy with a grab bag of that been dope
Didn't realize back then when I was gettin it in with my kinfolk
Revvin up to go head to gut with no bread to cut, gotta collect a check
Can't complain in this dirty game, it ain't entertainin, no disrespect
Humble enough but what the fuck's up? We R to the A to the W uncut
You really think you're fuckin with us numb nuts? Never pull a trigger hit a nigga with gun bust
Nonviolent, I'm nonviolent, my Holy Bible got bombs by it
Pencil in, I get it in my friends, and then I exit out of my PalmPilots
Swear to God I'm hella odd, I got it, smokin in the Shire like a Hobbit
Kamikaze plane became a rocket, life's a bitch I named Lorena Bobbitt
Rules are made to be broken, nonetheless I never see none breakin
King slid, do everything big, this king pig and nigga we go bacon!

[Chorus: Murs]
Now this little piggy went to market
And this little piggy stayed home
But these three pigs right here had a bright idea
So they picked up the microphone
And the other little pigs got mad
cause them niggaz got hot and they spot got taken
We said "First of all we ain't concerned with y'all"
So we burnt 'em all and went bacon

[Brotha Lynch Hung]
Everybody wanna be all up in it
Wanna-bes wanna shiver when they in front of me
Cause I put 'em in a bad situation
That average I'm bakin 'em up in a apron
And I got a lot of food on my plate, I can't call it
Drinkin problem, see I'm a rapaholic
I'ma get particular vehicular homicide describes me
They say I got acid in my IV
I'm back, why me? Travis knows
I'ma get a little grimy, twist the weed
'Til my eyes like Chinese, this the B.L.H.
And I never been sleep with a cellmate
Trust me, put it out in a cell grate
Back now, fans wanna tailgate
I'm connected, smell the essence achin
And hella nigga we go bacon!


Now I'm the kid from Mid City
I like fat asses and big titties
Got a bad bitch in her mid-fifties
Like to drop it low and pop a thizz with me
I'm a weird dude, I'm into weird shit
Got a long dick and my beard thick
That mean I rap good and I'm from the hood
I know them wack niggaz don't wanna hear this
I'm fearless, like last night
Dropped in on a 30-foot half-pipe
Hit a 50-50 grind and was even more excitin
cause I did it while ridin on a flashlight
Better act right or get your shit sprayed
Don't bring that wack rappin over this way
Hitters still no suave for the sensei
So I don't go bacon, I go tempeh!

[Interlude: Murs]
And that, and that's, like veggie bacon nigga
It's like, tempeh is veggie
I don't, I don't eat pork bro
But, y'all get the fuckin point man
Me, Lynch and Godi, uh, Strange Music
Yeah, fuck y'all
We don't go, we go bacon