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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ CES Cru, Krizz Kaliko
Album:  Dominion
Song:   The Answer
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[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko]
Yeah I think they got me fucked up
Everybody better hol' up
Cause they don't be feelin you like they feelin me
And I think I'm the answer

I really had to break it down, I really had to keep it simple
I had to run up and down the court watchin y'all like the league official
I never had to keep a pistol, if I did shoot I'd shoot to kill
Talk is talk and that's cheap to me but nobody really know what I do for real
I am what I always been, white kid with the rappin skill
Maintain that I'm self-sustained, still Ces came as a package deal
Run shit like in track and field, I'll pass baton the decathlon
Search around and go find a verse where I came soft and I was slackin on
Puff puff and I'll pass it on, my team strong and we here to win
Reppin hard for the underground, I'm an MC and a lyricist
Many men tried to mirror this, they was schemin on me like a pyramid
But they theory is full of bullet holes; period point blank I shoulda known (yah)


[Tech N9ne]
I rap until my tongue's tired, I spit it like it's gunfire
Anybody tellin me I'm not the best it gotta be I wear a mask like an umpire
Sayin I should hang it up in music you're a plum liar
A dumb guy or you're a bum sire tellin me I'm inadequate knowin it's not anyone higher
UP! That is where I am bitch, up in the clouds eating a industry sandwich
Look it I can spit, cuttin 'em up Andis, fuck it I'm feelin funny 'bout fair-weather fan shit
Kansas, City king has landed
Anything remotely close to nope when I quote you're choked with a +Velvet Rope+, Janet
(Is he crazy?) Sho Lia, wicked like Fangoria
Fool is hatin cause he don't understand my communication, Nokia
Tecca Nina spit it so clear like hoe sheer, when I get to rippin this flow here
All the women go to grabbin they crotch, they all screamin "OH DEAR!"


[Krizz Kaliko]
Armed and dangerous, Kali baby y'all could never hang with us, y'all strange to us
Y'all niggaz be gamblin or ramblin, count another mil' it's chump change to us
I'm jokin, if I'm N9ne I'd keep that pistol smokin
By design they'll find you're prime time if they eyes open
Sign of the times ain't dependent on the rhymes quoted
Rock-a-bye to smokin on the pipe but doin lines of coke and
{*sniff*} I don't rock that shit, I'ma drop a dime
like they committed to crime on divine lines that I've spoken (ah-huh!)
So get up if you can get the picture
Only hurt ya if the shoe fits ya (OK!)
I really can't stay on my time zone, I ain't user-friendly, word to iPhone
A different creature, every feature I get on is my song

Well I, well I know ya got me fucked up
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, better hold up
See they don't be feelin you like they feelin me
And I know I'm that answer

Too old for this bullshit, zoned out, turnt up
Your gross must pass through fire, and that's why, I'm burnt up
Hell all in my head piece (got a) gapin hole in my heart too
(But I) Won't pray to no savior (why) these days I'm too smart to
I ain't came up for no air yet, I put dough down on a fair bet
Niggaz hood rich, I ain't there yet, but I got holes like a clarinet
And I chug lean and I pop pills and they hating cause I got skills
And if these pussies don't shoot me, you can bet that the punk cops will
I give two shits about who's with you, laugh loud when that boom hits you (what else?)
On a roll like I'm too crippled, gettin twisted like two nipples
My soul's darker than night right but no night light, I write all day
I get busy with them blades and leave bloodstains in the hallway


[Outro: Krizz Kaliko]
Watch out