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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Anghellic
Song:   PR 2K1 
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It's hotter than them bitches sittin in the free
clinic nigga
You know what I'm sizzlin
It's time to get this party started right baby name.. they call me Tech N9ne
And I ah need a carabu lu
Uh that's 151 malibu rum and pineapple juice
You know what I'm sizzlin
Ha! Uh you down't know what dat is
Can't get the party started without that
Let's do it

(1st Verse) 
You want me to jam 
I'm finna 
Enter brain waves 
Pain from insane days 
Make you sick 
Like bad mayonnaise 
Got the remedy 
Rhyme infinity 
Finna be some shit 
I'll crack you open 
Like the youngest male Kennedy. 
Got the whole planet 
Rocking off the low blows 
Damn it 
I show flows 
And poke hoes 
That's suppose to be yours 
Seeing my haters 
In the dark alley 
Tormented by mine 
Dodging the TECH N9NE 
Now here's the message 
Liberate me 
Chocolata tay 
Imma rock 
Not play 
Do the fuck what I say 
Throw your souls in the air 
Like this 
Flash your bar codes 
While I stick 'em 
With another hit 
Up out of abyss 
The TECH N9NE N9na 
Out to find vaginas 
Just a player 
Clubbing it 
Rubbing it 
Loving that 
Creamer streamer 
Might seem a little extreme 
My thing 
When I flips 
I gots to make sure that it's hot 
Make the whole planet rock 
Like this 

Make that ass hop 
Don't stop 
Down south biancs 
Make the planet rock 
Too much ass in one room
Rat tata tata tata
Tata tata boom
Make that ass hop
Make that ass hop
All the ladies in the party
Make the planet rock
See that ass hop
Watch that ass hop
All the fellas like to see you
Make the planet rock

(2nd Verse)
Call it what you want it
Ghetto futuristical
Get up on it
There's a bianc up in my sector 
Can I bone it 
Cause all we want to do 
Is get drunk 
Get blowed 
Spit shit 
Spark blunts 
And fuck hoes 
We're quick to beat a buster down bad 
MidWest Side put me in the soundlab 
Now I'm ton niviganmad 
I flipped it backwards 
For you flow snatchers 
Blast y'all 
In the ass 
N9na playing fast ball
Crash all 
Glass jaws 
Mad y'all 
Cause last call 
I was in the back 
Of the club
Banging the hell 
Outta this bad broad 
On my planet 
We take no haters for granted 
They crisscross 
Ten seconds till lift off 
Be soaked in pistol grip sauce 
Ripped off 
The techniques complete heat 
Retreat six feet 
Under six feet 
Unique speaks 
Freaks tweak 
Never let the beast seep 
Can it 
While the trooper 
Techa N9na 
Rock the planet


(3rd Verse)
I got the type of flow
To make 'em make
Scream 3 
Six rappers being hunted 
By a killer 
M C 
I never kill the Bianca's 
With the 36D 
I party 
With the bitches 
On my planet 
Looking crispy 
Making rappers do 
Three sixties
Never knew 
Three sixes 
Other niggas 
Trying to dis me 
Be under 
These prefixes 
Non ill 
N9NE rambunctional 
Never let up 
On a heated mic 
Till I'm comfortable 
Rogue style 
Fifty-six street gang 
Grips we gain
Anybody wanna trips 
We bang 
Hit us with a what 
Lyrical head splitter 
Making hella hoes 
Get a nut 
Make 'em put the rolls 
In their butt 
Let a hoe be a slut 
Negro never give a fuck 
Why the attitude 
N9na ross 
You got the sauce 
Nigga I'm mad cause the Chiefs lost 
I'm pissed off 
In Kansas City 
I'm straight from the abyss 
I got the whole planet rocking with me
Whole planet
Rocking like this

ah nigga back up I didn't know that was yo woman
All the broke ass playa hatas be quiet

(Chorus X2)