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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  All 6's and 7's
Song:   He's a Mental Giant
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
They said I was a narcissist
Ha ha, well narcissist this... trick
Yeah, Strange Music baby~!
He's a mental giant - that's what they say
He's a mental giant - to those whom naysay
Hey! Hey!

[Verse One]
Hey! I'm lookin down on you niggaz
Even though I'm five-eight and 195 pound on you niggaz
So tall I can't even hear any of the sound you deliver
Me and my partners never see any of the hateful frownin you give us
Cause we smile at the bitty braggin whack rappers
You happen to be the best at the gat master
But down to the simple fact here's a strap past to
blast at ya, that's after
the yappin put him in the casket in my last chapter
That's laughter; half past 'em
Movin fast when they breakin mass on the black Dracula
Smashin 'em with a gat that'll bust at'cha
It went to my head, it's my first time
To be cocky, I'm just a giant when I burst ryme
My leg is humongous, is y'alls verse mine?
Steppin on mine I can't stop my leg like Robert Cline
Giant robot, make you feel very low shanked
I am so hot, in my skills there be propane
Why I'ma squash them and kill every po' thang?
Cuz I'm a huge, Pillbury dough man
He's a mental giant (Tech N9ne) {*2X*}
Yeah Tech let's go!

He's a mental giant - that's what they say
He's a mental giant - to those who naysay
Hey! Hey!

[Verse Two]
Narcissistic (grr) hard to grip it (grr)
Dark and wicked (grr) arts prolific (grr)
Mars with the stars this is far lifted
Lyrics quit the bar with it, bar scriptures are terrific
Ghetto spitter wit a bit of bitter marketin
With skrilla then a fifth of Henny liquor start to twist it
Critics sit and shiver in the slit of zillas
Pit of killers gritters hitter clickers
Silly niggaz are ficticous
On top of the game, I'm droppin the rain
Godly gifted, hop in your lane and stoppin your fame
Bark is vicous (grr) you got bars to witness
Y'all submissive when I get your brain your thoughts is shifted
I'm incredible, highly technical, nympho triumph
Raw intricate, I need medical then mo' science
Scars and stitches, alphabetical gems blow by him
Pause it a bit, Tech N9ne a mental giant!
He's a mental giant (Tech N9ne) {*2X*}
Yeahhhhhhhhhhh~! Tech, N9ne


[Verse Three]
Mentally I'm like Shaq on stilts
Strange Music Inc. is white and black owned, built
For keepin rap on tilt
Like drinkin Pa-tron and Jack prone to yak on silk quilts
Got a fat dome that'll last long if that's where I'm skilled
Giant, huge, humungous, gigantic, expanded
Been floatin for years and I ain't landed
Haters can't stand it, the way that my noggin as big as Kansas
But the women that listen wanna know if I'm talkin 'bout my damn dick
He's a mental giant (Tech N9ne) {*2X*}
HA HA HA HA, Tech, N9ne!


[Outro: Tech N9ne]
Yadda, they think my head big
Ask her, if my head big
Ha ha, ha ha, yadda
Yeah, Tech N9ne~!