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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Deftones
Album:  All 6's and 7's
Song:   If I Could
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[Intro/Interlude: repeat 4X]
Could have could

[Tech N9ne]
I know I'm always gone, and I ain't never home
And plus you barely ever hear me on the telephone
Just tryin to sell a song, 'til my bride ain't jealous none
And my hell is shown, but if I rest
It's just like I'ma malice thrown
All the way all the day all I say called way
A loved one calls to say
"How's the Bay hoggin, stay for a holiday"
But I'm far away, gotta pay, lotta K
from my daughters we send they mommas they sum
But then there's problems when I'm away
But I gotta go get it, a lotta dough in it
A hundred percent I'm in it to fly and real grit it
Techa Nina be breakin it up when I go spit it
But it get to me when the family cry no shit it
becomes hella hurtful
Yo, feel like I'm runnin around in circles
If I could I would
And I would stomp with the mic go bezerk-o

[Chorus: Chino Moreno]
But if I could, I would be good
I would be there for you just like I should
You wouldn't cryyyy, when I say goodbye
For the reasons, do not tell me why
But if I could, I would be good
I wouldn't leave you, you think that I would
It feels like I dieeee, a little inside
Know I hurt you, when I say goodbye


[Tech N9ne over Interlude]
If I could I would
Check it!

[Tech N9ne]
I know your heart is skippin, cause I'm on a mission
Your eyes and schnoz are drippin, cause your dog is missin
And you his broad and wishin he wasn't a frickin politician
You want his kissin and you hope and pray that God is listenin
You want to frolic with him (geah) but he gotta get them
dollars give them all of his grin polished scripts and they all assist him
Now he's baller big and tall ambition, you're fallin friction
Cause you missed your body's twitchin throbbin from his rod incisions
So you started fishin, websites and call him bitchin
Thinkin some broad is nibblin on his dick and y'all is driftin
But he just say nah to chickens, all of this when cause is given
If I could I would dissolve sistership


[Tech N9ne]
Just trust me
Please just trust me
I'm doin all this music, so we can go all over the world
I swear to God, I'ma take you all over the world baby
We're gonna go, to Hawaii
We gonna stay for months!
You always knew I wanted to go to Hawaii
And we're gonna go all over the world baby just just ust give me time
I'm gonna get this right, and do what I'm supposed to do
I swear to God we're gonna go, all over the world
We're gonna take, long trips
We're gonna go, to Japan
We're gonna go, to Africa
Wherever you wanna go, all I need
Is a little bit of time
A little bit more time, all I need is, time