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Artist: Tech N9ne
Album:  Absolute Power
Song:   Keep On Keepin On
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[Tech N9ne talkin]
You muthafuckas thing we gonna stop keepin on
We shall prevail 
Muthafuckas fear what they do not understand
And what they do not understand they try and destroy
Come on now

[Tech N9ne]
I hear 'em whisperin in corners speakin dirty talk on us
Bout how we too grown up, that we unknowners 
And my persona is Rock 'N Rollish yo' nigga told us
Every word that you quoted 
Said I wouldn't be the one that sold it, but HA we exploded
I'm that rap nigga that you heard with 2Pac, Sole
Lynch and Bo, Wake Up Show wit King Tech and Sway
Yukmouth, Thicker Than Water, Gang Related, Eminem
Roger Trout, MC Ren, nigga Spice-1 and them
Hit 'em wit a venom send 'em down kill 'em when I spit
When I get a bit of scrilla Tech is givin niggas shit
Love 'em love us but the playa hatin niggas betta split
It'll neva be another Tecca Nina when I quit
You better kneel when you hear a nigga that's real 
I feel 18 when I bust from the grill 
Because, (if you keep it young)
Yo song is always sung 
So street life taugt me to keep 'em sprung
God sent me to kill, lyrical scripts
The miracle whipped you demons and hatas who tripped
Listen I really feel, my Villainty real when he spit
Fuck them plus anybody they go get, and shit

You can pray and pray on my downfall
When I rise like the sun I ain't fuckin wit y'all
I'ma keep on, keepin on, keep on, holdin on

[Tech N9ne]
The storm consumes all the sun and moon fall 
When you saw the mega morion dregorian Jet and Ru Pauls
Extreme case of blue balls cuzz you bang
Got fruit all in his veins 
What I'm sayin is I will reign murder you all in his name
Biss malla wit the fist in a pistola 
Dismiss the kiss from a hiss giva
Wrist slita male bitch or witch wit a twist
A glitch man abyss swimma, trick
I will never slide, never fall, never fail
Never the devils side, ever call, never hell
But I got these muthafuckas prayin for my downfall
But the orange hair means time to clown y'all
Thanks to Jenny I'll get the message to many
The circus is comin and gunnin wit plenty
I heard that Bakari got a poster of me burnin
To get his earnin concernin not I killed him but he aint learnin
Nigga you couldn't burn me wit acid or in a firey pit
You couldn't burn in a volcano were lava is spit 
You couldn't burn me if you damned me to hell wher Satan sit
The only way you can burn me is wit ya bitch nigga


[Tech N9ne]
Why don't you niggas keep ya mouth shut 
Without us you clout sucks you doubt us and get ya mouth bust
We veterans and better then you young cheesy cheddar men
Bouncin across the nation and you home watchin Letterman
I'm the nigga that got 'em listenin I know its sickenin
To know I'm the nigga got girlies coochie glistenin
From listenin to my shit and when I get her for christenin
She splits again cuzz I made her spit the nitro glycerin
I'm on you, callin me a old negro
But I don't know a young nigga that could hold me though 
Plus the dough be low, average and I hold the glow
But they want me to fall so they can say "I told you so"
But if I'm mutli punks would say I just lucked up
Keep talkin that shit might getcha fucked up
You some Jimmy Rucker Tommy Tucker type of muthafuckas
Glamorize and specialize in gettin butt fucked
Niggas think they dope then gonna try to check me
I'm here to let yo ass know you need to respect me
Although you ain't sayin shit you gettin on my nerves
I'ma keep on keepin on mufucka thats word


They say I don't fit in
But I won't listen

You can say what you wanna 
I'ma come up on a 
Life from livin gutta 
I have to be no otha

Keep on, keepin on, keep on, holdin on
Keep on, keepin on, keep on, holdin on

[Tech N9ne]
So now do you understand?
Is the picture clearly?
Heh...fuck y'all niggas