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Artist: Tear Da Club Up Thugs f/ M-Child, Spice 1
Album:  CrazyNDaLazDayz 
Song:   Wet Party
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{M-Child: background talking}
nigga fuck this motherfuckin shit u niggas wanna go to war 
with us fuck yall yall know who your ass is hatin ass niggas 
fuck yall motherfuckers if u say something 
you  gotta be ready to die for that motherfuckin shit 
nigga we ain't going for that motherfuckin shit nigga 
we got guns we got tones nigga nigga we could ride up your motherfuckin ass 
erase your ass off the motherfuckin earth we ain't going nigga fuck this shit 
whatever yall really wanna do go on and do it cause all yall be talking

{Juicy J: talking}
yo yo yo yo yeah its Da Juice up in this motherfucker 
you know what I'm saying 
I wanna say what's up to all these niggas out here hatin on DJ Paul Juicy j 
yall know who you are you know what I'm saying that shit don't phase a nigga 
yall see a nigga in the street handle your motherfuckin business 
nigga I'm gonna invite you to this motherfuckin wet party 
I'm gonna wet you hoe ass niggas up yeah

{Hook: Juicy J [DJ Paul] 8x}
we bout to throw a motherfuckin wet party [wet em up] 

{Juicy J}
It's Da Juice from the north side of town 
with a frown I'm bout to get a gun and start to clown 
on a fool on any fool who break the rules 
Imma do whatever young nigga have to do 
to get respect to do what's next like Malcolm X  
never slipping I'm staring out the window with a Tech 
bring it on up to the door I'll never go 
but I'm blasting until I see you lyin on the floor, 
this is real too real them niggas feel what I feel 
them Evergreen niggas bout to kill anybody 
say they name where they live show some pictures 
especially if its mom or some kids 
run up on ya and put em on ya like pneumonia 
you'll be sick I scared ya  ya probably go in to a coma
I ain't playing and I ain't laughing cause I'm passive 
just looking blasting just like I'm on the lose I'm crazy assassin (nigga)

{Hook: Juicy J [DJ Paul] 8x}
we bout to throw a motherfuckin wet party [wet em up]

{DJ Paul}
Its kinda hard lets catch a spy hunting in a four cylinder 
pealing a drilling a hole in your jugular 
wheeling a .40 -a pissing in your skully-a 
tearing a barrier Black Haven area 
but I'm slow and Tear Da Club Up Thugs if you down 
to beat some motherfuckers soft 
bullets fucking pepperoni its phony  
step in my face make a nigga catch a case of death 
fucking with me nigga hoe I got milk 
and watch it splash on your goddamn chest 
cause when you're fucking with Thugs niggas you fucking with the best 
fuck the rest got you chilling with a real nigga from the Haze 
there is only Henn and Red Dog and purple haze 
that's the phase grandma think I'm craze 
fucking drugs killa carved on your arm got a Tech up in the car 
for your motherfuckin ass see you wet the B-E-D 
but you better hold right up cause I'm gonna make your ass bleed bitch

{Hook: Juicy J [DJ Paul] 8x}
we bout to throw a motherfuckin wet party [wet em up]

I hate a weak ass nigga like a devil hate life 
cock that K full of rage cause the bullshit you started 
put your vest on bitch and watch me aim for your head 
like Whodini abracadabra motherfucker you dead 
as I tippy toe behind you like that doll named Chucky 
sludge hammer you will feel it if you living you lucky 
ten stories you will fall to the motherfuckin floor
I don't know you tuck your nuts and die hoe (better kill me)

{Spice 1}
Well to wet em means cash *blow blow* how you like me now 
I'm be murdering all of my enemy savage hatin up the town 
saved for bed night stalking creeping put em all to sleep 
and leave em leaking bleeding seeking and steadily heating 
and I'll be speeding off tearing up da club not giving a fuck 
it's just me and Tear Da Club Up Thugs kept on they nuts 
killing em wet em up say wet em up say wet em up blow *blow blow* 
they come with the mob tactics and hear us pow *ba pow* 
definitely about to buck it fuck it I'm dumping them in ditches
and killing snitches and shiesty bitches who set em up for riches 
spray these fucking cockroaches with these two pistols out 
you niggas checked into the game but you wont check out 
beam the motherfuckin lights and I smash the gas 
clutch my bitch Nina Ross tight and murder they ass 
which one of you niggas is first to feel the blast 
ain't coming for money I want your life fuck the cash

{Juicy J}
we bout to