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Artist: Tear Da Club Up Thugs f/ Gangsta Boo
Album:  CrazyNDaLazDayz
Song:   Mind State
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[Gangsta Boo]
I try to warn em now they gonna feel the vengeance of the devil's daughter
Horror of the clubs they fall in
[ha ha ha ha]watch out for the incisive lick of sorrow
there is no tomorrow, Armageddon is getting close at hand
smoking on some green thinking of the plan to rob a man
Scarecrow my nigga do you think that I can do this shit
do you think I can get away so smooth after I hit this bitch
it can be done so all for one and one for fucking all
who got them nines? who got them techs? buck all y'all

[Lord Infamous]
Psychedelic spirits they spiral inside a kaleidoscope
though what would happen if I traveled back in time 
and replaced the ten commandments with something I wrote
the world would have ended some thousands years ago 
by the rapper Lord Infamous Scarecrow
happiness is not even an option my friend 
its something that you'd  never know
believe superstitions so our means 
is all crazy mortals and sorcery
witches genies three wishes 
give the Scarecrow permission 
keys to the doorway 
further the regions of your mind
I'll explain the unexplainable myths and times

Hook: Lord Infamous, [DJ Paul] (repeat 4X)

Triple Six is my mind state [killer killer killer killer]
Bring out the power devil shit [murderer murderer murderer murderer]
Trying to survive through this crime rate 

[DJ Paul]
Sittin on the porch tryin to torch til the light break
weed, then proceed to my mission as I plot escape
meanwhile, the sunset 
trees blowing spookiness
twist the doorknob to my viper 
inside was the mask and tech
so I snoop, Koop and Boo
Lord Overtaker too with me
man keys to the ceiling is what they got
for me to come m-more insane
kick some doors
put some hoes
on some motherfucking floors
give me the motherfucking ching ching
hoe before you go in smoke

[Koopsta Knicca]
picture this, bitch your dead
were your little kids at
have that black coat
to have me blazin with them glocks and techs
sad to see they killed 
the nigga was innocent
though he was guilty they figured
not knowing that he was a mafia member
a mafia member found tossed in the river
juice in his hug, dent in his mug
blood scattered all over the pavement
escape but someone done saw they face
now they done got them a murder case
laying in this casket 
the last out they minds
as they fly high wide in this gas 
hoping they ass trying to relax


[Juicy J]
Is it Friday the 13th, are you niggas scared
as I cock my gun back, put a bullet thru your head
I split them dreads, whatever whatever you better beware
I evilly scare, leave nothing but shells and gun smoke in the air
I got them glocks, so if you run you'll hear them pop
and then you'll drop, I'll come up on ya and never stop
till I reach that point, to wipe you out you hoes and haters
smoke you like joints, you should have prayed to God to save ya

[Crunchy Black]
It was on a Sunday night, a nigga hit Paul back
He said he had a job for us to do
to meet him at the heart is on the mall a democrat
My girl beeped me, she told me Paul was on his fucking way
He hit me on the cellular phone, he's balling down Parkway 
Paul rolled up in the viper man, I jumped on the passenger seat
and that's when he like stopped to explain 
how we gonna trust these hoes, shake them hoes 
put them in the viper trunk 
and roll them to our stash spot 
and then we cut they body up