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Artist: Tear Da Club Up Thugs w/ Prophet Posse
Album:  CrazyNDaLazDayz
Song:   Hypnotize Minds/Profit Posse
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{DJ Paul: talking}
Ah yeah, the scariest motherfucking Klan 
in the motherfucking land. Who run us? 
The good, the bad, the motherfucking ugly.
It's Prophet Posse nigga, who up in this motherfucker?

{Lord Infamous: talking}
You got Lord Infamous Da Scarecrow Kaiser Sosate

{MC Mack: talking}
Yeah yeah nigga MC motherfucking Mack for life Killa Klan fear no man bitch.

{Scan Man: talking}
Scan fucking Man bitch.

{Crunchy Black: talking}
Crunchy motherfucking Black up in this bitch right here.

{Juicy J: talking}
Juice man up in this motherfucker. 
Take you all to the motherfucking floorhoe.

{DJ Paul: talking}
Project Pat, Koopsta Knicca, 
the motherfucking Tear da Club up Thugs, GangstaBoo, Indo G, its on. 
You motherfucking hooooooooooooooooooe!!!!

{Koopsta Knicca}
get down shut the fuck up 
bitches don't make a sound 
body found on the ground 
don't fuck with mentally rounds 
I'm taking the pussy from these trizicks 
so you mess with any of these 
cause I can afford 
to go back an order take the four door 
to help me kick this shit 
trizick don't forget 
foe I spit in your face 
putting this in they credit 
man fuck them goddamn bitches 
yeah and that's not all 
your bound to fall 
put my hand on the wall 
break it down y'all motherfucking law dealers
and you know the Mafi face in the Posse y'all

{Crunchy Black}
got my mug on my face 
ready to quickly erase 
one of y'all haters done lost your taste
one of y'all niggas done lost your faith 
yes I hate when you hate 
yes I love when you love 
but I'll put a hole in you
leave you laying in a puddle of blood

{MC Mack of Killa Klan Kaze}
nigga look at all the shit that I done done 
look at all the shit that we been thru 
reminiscence on hoes that I have broke 
and thinking of them loose things I would do 
I be the MC Mack for life matter fact 
im standing on my own to stack 
them G's and making loot 
gotta flip them dollars 
sometimes we clone 
going on up come in our place y'all 
we southern 
knowing that always brings you down 
no matter how much I rap about haters 
need to just like me turns the frowns 
I'm bound to break it on down 
like a quarter pound nigga 
take heed to the shit I speak 
Killa Klan Kaze, Tear da Club up Thugs 
we on the frequent trick to sleep Killa Klan

{Scan Man of Killa Klan Kaze}
come out that nigga 
kamikaze dwelling in my soul 
crazy is the Scan Man 
but you niggas just don't hear me though 
devil shit is what I do 
man I just don't give a fuck 
trick us with that shitty mic 
you hoes can catch a fucking slug 
kicking it's the Scan Man 
now I'm kicking like a motherfucking murder man 
dropping bitches in my stance 
we heard that fucking nine blast 
evil be this Posse crew 
cause we have no L-O-V 
so we watch you burn in our pits

{Lord Infamous}
they always ask me 
do you worship the devil 
and some of the times 
I think they see the horns on my head 
why must you even question what I believe in silly mortal
you test the third most powerful force in the galaxy 
shake ya dreads 
your very essence burnt your soul 
and you ask me do I worship that 
bitch im Kaiser Sosate 
I believe I hate you worse than that 
wish I could let every nuclear missile 
take an unknown course 
let the man with trumpets and the horns 
feel my evil force

{DJ Paul}
look into the eyes of a mad man 
shoot him in the head man 
local on that cold complex 
saw them all and called the Killa Man 
shoot ‘em now its us 
when I'm full of drugs 
and I dare the bitch 
cock ‘em up 
load your Cutlass up 
with your fucking click 
busting on you hoes sipping gatorade Hennessy 
my entourage be straight from hypnotized Tennessee 
fuck with me, double casualty 
turn to catastrophes, your lacking these 
killers backing me up in my faculty

{Project Pat of Killa Klan Kaze}
its gangsta its gangsta 
weak niggas perpetrating 
thug roles broke 
Willy punk hoes 
staring at the snug nose 
barrel I say motherfuck those 
lames get you slugged hoes 
when you slip bitch 
should have been on your tip toes 
watching out for the enemy 
violator don't say shit to me 
eyes tighter than a Chinese 
from this Hennessy murder me 
if you get the first ups on your trigger nigga

{Juicy J}
I stand by myself 
when it come to handling business 
them thangs on the shelf 
and I'm drunk to keep me spinning 
and when a nigga start 
best believe the Juice gon finish 
I feel like Jeffery Dahmer 
chopping bodies in the kitchen 
I walk around 
I'm in a fucking daze like a killer 
with a .357 to my head 
(squeeze the trigger nigga)
not saying that I wanna kill myself 
on the for realer 
had eighty-two weeks 
and I'm looking like the thriller

{Prophet Posse}
Hypnotize C-A-M-P Posse
Hypnotize C-A-M-P Posse
Hypnotize C-A-M-P Posse
Hypnotize C-A-M-P Posse
{talking, screaming, yelling, and howling till fade}