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Artist: Tash
Album:  Control Freek
Song:   The Book Ch. 1
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Long time no see, long time no hear from from me ha?
Y'all niggaz couldn't shake me nigga
This CaTash homey, welcome to the album
(Control Freek~!) Listen

If I wrote a book about my, life, would anybody read it?
Probably not, and if y'all did y'all probably wouldn't believe it
Y'all probably couldn't conceive it, where I been and where I'm headed too
What the fuck I did, what I said and who I said it to
My mic's aimed dead at you, so take a look
It starts from page three, chapter one, it's my book
It took nine hours for CaTash to hit the pavement
Doctor slapped me on the ass, I slapped him back cause that's some gay shit
I always had a way with words, they deserved
more than what they worth the way I play these curves
I hit the ground runnin through Columbus, Ohio
Peep it, peep it, that city's kind of wild
Hyper, hyper, hyper since diapers
Me and my brother's step daddy didn't like us
He beat us repeated, he smacked and choked us
I'm only 12 years old, 'member? Kill your own roaches
I'm all tough for showbiz
My mom worked for Al Green, not a lot of people know this
But I was there when Al caught the grits
That's the time he found the Lord, said fuck singin and quit!
My moms kept the shit cause I was out the business
Now turn to chapter three and peep other shit I done witnessed