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Artist: Tash f/ J-Ro (Tha Liks)
Album:  Control Freek
Song:   Right/Wrong
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Say what, uhh

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Sometimes it's right though it's wrong
I gotta tell ya man I'll fight if I want
I'm a Superman I need a life or it's gone
With my karma, get with my karma

Aiyyo people always ask CaTash why you act so crazy
My momma must have dropped me on my head when I'se a baby
Maybe, it didn't sink in, that weed and drinkin
Where attitude is anger that I filtered through this inkpen
We've been, through it all, the falls, the rises
The hip-hop police they poppin up with new surprises
Why is this, nigga J-Ro so dope?
Cause he cried a thousand tears but he never cried broke

I used to slang cheese to the kids in the school
Took the money, to go buy diapers and food
My homies be stealin, cars in the dark
When I caught him with my momma's car, knee barred
See I got fired from a job as a security guard
Then I got a record deal and I still rocked hard
Moved away from my family, all the way to Sweden
Now I send 'em paper that my family be needin


Listen up
From the bottom to the top, the top, to the bottom
Me and Tha Alkies 'bout to rock 'em while we still got 'em
The top to the bottom the bottom, to the top
Big dawg about to rock until my heartbeat stop
It go, globetrot spots, police they never caught him
Pimps ask chicks how much clothes you bought 'em
Ask {?} how much game we taught him
Fila to Adidas ask how much we bought 'em

Sometimes it's right then it's wrong
Just listen to the name of this song
Sometime when it's off man it's on
I take your mind to another zone - YEAH~!

Yeah, did the thang, evil and good
The burbs and the hood you couldn't then you could
Turned, wrong to right, dark to light
Shake hands with my opponent, before we fight


[Outro: J-Ro] + (Tash)
Sometimes, you gotta do somethin you don't wanna do
To make it, where you wanna get
I know y'all feel me
I know y'all feel me out there
I can feel you feelin me (takin over the globe)
J-Ro, CaTashTrophe (yessir)
Likwid how we doin (Likwid MC's, Likwid MC's)
It's nothin (you over there overseas)
Right or wrong