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Artist: Tash f/ Khujo Goodie
Album:  Control Freek
Song:   Push the Button
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Khujo Goodie]
We 'bout to get gutter with this shit shawty
Okay, hey hey, okay okay

[Chorus: repeat 4X w/ minor chop variations]
Push the button, drop the top
Spray the whip, beat the block

CaTashTrophe, off the chain
You think what you want but don't say my name
West coast niggaz don't play them games
Fuck around with me and I'll maim them lames
L.A. get it, the whole Bay got it
Dago got it from the second they spotted
Stay knotted, wrap the rubberbands
Backstage trippin, fights with other bands
Fool chill, chill like Dr. Phil
Talk shit nigga go home with doctor bills
Pop these pills, hit this kush
Baby got potential but she need a little push
So, push the button, pull the string
Put a couple in her string now she doin her thing
She doin her thing? (Yeah she doin her thing) {*2X*}


[Khujo Goodie]
I'm K-J-G, A-T-L
Dirty South motherfucker, cain't you tell?
Peep the swag, what'chu mean
Damn a gang, yellow blue make green
Pop the lock, drop the top
Push the button, beat the block
AK-47 make you lean and rock
Psycho Lambo' jet, swing swing chop chop
Boy, stop, get off my jock~!
Tell your gul, to come here
Shawty she chose me
Dat ain't worth no tattooed tear
Drink some beer, sip some Goose {*2X*}
Yes, movin that 'caine raw
Homey let's call a truce
That ain't what you wanna do
It's some hoes, in this house
That's how we throw a dick
down here in the Dirty South
Knahmsayin? That's how we throw a DICK~!
But in the meanwhile, we gon' scrape on out


I said that shit twice, won't say it again
Tash touched down in the City of Sin
Outside the club, baby let us in
The money and the weed is our medicine
Prescribed by the Doc, no G-H-B
My niggaz gettin rowdy and now she hates me
I love me, how about y'all?
Get it how I live it, win lose or draw
Ball 'til we fall, party over here
Niggaz get mad cause I started over there
It started over there but now your hoe's took
and your chick cain't resist how Tha Liks keep it pushin
Keep it pushin, y'knahmsayin?
But in the meantime... let's scrape on out

[Chorus] - repeat to abrupt end