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Artist: Tash
Album:  Control Freek
Song:   Go West
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*intro over scratches the first 21 seconds*}

It's a brand new day, there's brand new deals
That's why Tash cop brand new wheels
I jump up on the phone and try to campaign meals
I never drink and drive because, champagne spills
Look at how the 24's be spinnin when I'm rollin
Hold up Mr. Officer I know you think my car is stolen
It's not though~! CaTashTrophe I bend the block slow
Big cars, big guns, nigga we got those
I swing it from the night to the fuckin mornin after
Have to be the first one in anything they manufacture
A Bentley? Nahhhh, that's out of my price range
I'ma get Xzibit drunk and win that shit in a dice game
And don't let my album blow this summer
I'm already doin chart motherfuckin Hummer numbers
You slip, we slide, you slide, you slip
And when y'all niggaz start to trip I'm on that James Bond shit

If you wanna get it on and bang with the best
Go West, go West
And if you wanna smoke weed that's better than the rest
Go West, go West
If you feel a little stressed, wanna get it off your chest
Go West, go West
And if you feelin depressed because your party ain't fresh
Go West, go West

Y'all niggaz know my reputation so - anything goes
I'll be to' up from the flo' up from my toes to my nose
My style makes the strippers wanna slide down the poles
At the end of the day guess where the money goes!
I'm the business; CaTashTrophe I mack 'em with the quickness
I be on one like "on one" when it come to crackin bitches
I'm slick with the swagger but rap with a relentlessness
I got a lot of witnesses to the chicks that I kick it with
My mistresses, they love how I be reppin
I be in that nightclub, three-steppin with my weapon
Step aside homey, I need room to drink
Punk niggaz lookin at me, I'm not who you think
My ink makes you think it's, thugs on the mic
But my mackin be attractin all the bugs to the light
If drugs make y'all fight then pop this chill pill
Cause these West coast niggaz we will kill f'real


La Schmoove, CaTash ain't got nuttin to prove
I got money in the bank so I'll be churchin on the roof
I get gangster with it, so please don't try and scam me
Alkaholiks is the name so promoters tried to ban me
Invited to the Grammys, yep yep, we in step
I'm just sittin in the crowd cause my style is exempt
I dotted all my I's and I crossed all my T's bro
Now the whole country's peepin Rico on they Tivo
Where do it take us (uh) we the L.A. Lakers (uh-huh)
And we need them 40 acres to build these skyscrapers
My paper's longer than lines at DMV's
It's the West coast baby, we known for seedless weed


{*scratches to the end: "Best from the West"*}