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Artist: Tash f/ Del the Funky Homosapien
Album:  Control Freek
Song:   Get It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


"Out on the West coast of America
 A new sound was found
 It was a tremendous, rage over there
 and it's been quite a big success here too
 Here they are with their big hit number..."

Go go girl, go girl, go get it! (woop woop)
Go go girl, go girl, go get it! {*scratched: "OHHHH"*}
Go girl, go girl, go get it! (woop woop) Say what?
Go girl, go girl, go get it!

I see one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, fo'
Five hundred bad bitches comin through the do'
They knockin down the bouncers better let them girls go
Cause all they wanna do is get on the danceflo'
CaTash I go get it, it's the same old curriculum
Rap dudes that's tattooed, I know you girls sick of them
Bitchin and they cold until they 80 years old
about how much dope they sold but still never went gold
Hold that though, let me talk to the females
Girls break they Lee Nails sendin Rico e-mails
Retail suppliers can't deny us, we riders
Try to break Likwid up but they still cain't divide us
I hide inside a {?} tell a beam to hit the spacebar
You starstruck 'em like a race car pace car
Man, spell it R-I-C-O
I'm a O.G. all you do is G-O

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

Uh-huh, yeah, yeah
Now it's seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred rat
The girls is goin crazy cause they bouncin to the track
You pushin girls away, better bring them girls back (c'mere)
Cause all they wanna do is hit this thousand dollar 'gnac
We crack more chicks than the law allow
We the slickest in the business - that's why we draw the crowds
T.I. said bring 'em out so we brought 'em out
Every bar that I been too we bought it out (y'know~!)
Odelay homes while I break your bones
I've been rockin microphones since E.T. was phonin home (tell 'em)
Born to get it poppin, no if ands or maybe
It's money out there girl so go get it fo' us baby

[Chorus] - 1/2

[Tash - over Chorus]
J Beam!
Del the Funky Homosapien
Hieroglyphics bitch

Bring yo' ass up
You want it girl you gotta go get it
It ain't fin' to run up to yaaaa
And rap you on the fo'head with mo' bread
You better learn how to use a computer
at least, but no you greasier than Crisco
Feet kicked up at the house eatin Nabiscos
Talkin 'bout a nigga can't do nothin for ya
But you're always rollin with a nigga who loaded
{*ka-ching!*} D-E-L, I tell ya fortune
If you think I'm fin' to support ya like an orphan
(Hell nah!) I don't need a crystal ball
Just a list of all the times you pissed me off
Won't even lift an arm to wash a dish
And then wanna flip when you want some dick?
But I won't offer it
Has it ever occured to you I might not want you BEITCH?

[Chorus] w/ minor variations