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Artist: Tash f/ Knawledg, Knoc-turn'al
Album:  Control Freek
Song:   City's Out
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*14 seconds of instrumental*}

[Chorus: Knawledg]
(Boom) is all you hear when I'm rollin through the city
With my top, down, so everybody hear me
(Thumpin) speakers speakers thumpin (thumpin)
Speak-speak-speakers speakers thumpin (thumpin)

[Interlude: Knawledg]
Thumpin, boom boom
Boom boom, boom

You got the tops down? You got the titties out? {*3X*}
You got your city out? I got my city out (L.A.!)
L.A. California that's the city I claim
When I walk down LaBrea everybody's fair game
Aimin, at L&E
Two felonies, what the fuck y'all punk niggaz tellin me?
Get it poppin, everybody know CaTash droppin
I did my best work with a knife and a stocking
cap - shut up the yap
Big dawg is back, dig it (duh-da, duh-da)
I'm a dawg, don't touch my tail
You get laid the fuck out like Chuck Liddell
From the womb to the tomb, sunny days are doomed
Knawledg in the house y'all 'bout to hear that
(Boom boom boom)


Street, avenue or boulevard
Rollin in my car, speakers bangin hella hard
I don't give a FUCK~! Middle finger to the law
Listen to the subs (yeah...)
Trunk rattlin, my trunk rattlin
Every other tuner that I've been
No seat belt, with a strap
So I guess you could say that I'm still strapped in
Bump my shit in the CD deck
Hear me beatin from a block away but you can't see me yet
It's that West coast shit
For the riders in the lowriders
Roll down the window, the car look like sauna
Listen to the beat, listen when the tires skreet
You know my seat lean back, amp attached to the speaker
Fifteen inch woofers, bangin like Hoovers


You fly domestic, I'm on a whole 'nother plane
Hello chihuahua, meet this great dane
You bakin soda, I'm cocaine
I like to ball - you like spare change
'member my debut shit, I said bang bang
Watch the speakers go thump (thump thump thump)
You got a lazy eye, I got straight aim
Ahh, bah-da-la-bum-bum-bum
You say you gangbang, but I know game
I'll cut you like, I'll cut you like
I don't never fall off, it's like ridin a bike
It's Knoc-turn'al baby girl I give you what you like
Don't I? I, I got a fly persona
And if you don't know ask your baby momma (momma)
I, I got a fly persona
You can keep the bullshit, I don't need the drama


J Beam, Mathematics