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Artist: Tinie Tempah f/ J. Cole, Wretch 32
Album:  Happy Birthday (Mixtape)
Song:   Like It or Love It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

(Cole World Out in the UK)
(Aww yeah)

[Tinie Tempah]
You fucking with the Knights of the Temple
Mental, how am I successful?
Niggas chose the pen, while I picked up the pencil
Grew up listening to So Solid and Essentials
Always round P's like some lentils
Bitch I do you like a weight lifter and hold everything against you
Everything happens like it was meant too
I ain't tryna sound like a promoter
Bitch I'm tryna sound like Yoda when I say tonight is gonna be eventful
Black brer, black hat, black sack, black hat, black J's
Uh, black ring, black snap back, matt black ring, black Audemar Piguet
Uh, black girl, black diamonds, everything black fam, blacker than Blade
Uh, lean't back, bringing back to back, screaming Rest In Peace, say mate!
Heart goes out to her family my cabinet's looking fancy
With Brit's and Ivor Novello's, I left a space for a Grammy
If it ain't Adele out in London, I'm with Pharrell in Miami
And fuck around and I go opposite of Mahatma Gandhi, my nigga uh

You ain't got enough bottles in your bucket
Bitch you ballin' on a whole different budget
Like it or love it
Gotta go to drive through to get them nuggets
They gone lose it if they see us out in public
Like it or love it
True a girl that's badder than Latoya Letoya Luckett
And I told her we ain't fucking til she suck it
Like it or love it
(Aww yeah)
Like it or love it

[Wretch 32: Verse 2]
I'm saying like it or love
I weren't designed for a budget
I got emotional money
I can cry you a hundred
Wipe my eyes with a twenty
Wipe my ass with a fifty
But I get the same attention when I drive through the city
People sayin' they worry that I'm gettin' too flash
You know how hard it was to get on Jools fam?
They wanted me to flop so urban never comes back
When under pressure can you handle all that
So the same amount of ice that's in my rings in my drink
I be filling up my boat, still I pray I never sink
This the realest shit I wrote
Lately I've been on a binge
Rocking diamonds in a club can make you feel like a king
Aww yeah!
Ladies surrounding my table
They see my Ralph and they thinking that I'm stable
Wan' see my house but I take 'em to the same walls
Check in, check out, do you think I'm playing fool?


[J. Cole]
Impossible, impossible
How many nigga don' jock the flow
Young boy from Fayettenam, how you gon' tell me not to go?
The south of France we out in Cannes and I ain't never been on no yacht before
I took the bitch, she went with me, we literally just rocked the boat
Nigga, lock the vault, sewn up, young Simba, grown up
Told y'all I was growing up, now I'm on ya'll I'ma load up
You was hatin' me, cops waiting patiently for me to fall gracefully
Know a couple yall couldn't wait to see
You bitch niggas better own up
Phenomenal, tired of acting like y'all don't know
Hoes fallin' like domino
She aint fucking she gotta go
Am I wrong cause I got some dough and copped a couple finer things
G-Shock to Rolex, my, how the times have changed!
Life's better now, might spend a thou' for a bright sweater
Tell 'em that my price went up now
Had the right set up, ain't no way I might let up now
Do you know how ill it feel to make a dyke get aroused