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Artist: Teyana Taylor f/ Pusha T, Yo Gotti
Album:  Maybe (S)
Song:   Maybe
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]
Maybe, maybe it's the money, baby, or maybe not
Maybe I fell in love with ya on the spot, never lie
I keep it G, I told you that there off the top
Maybe you never met a street nigga thuggin' on the block
I ain't fuckin' with no thot shawty
Powerball, this your shot shawty
And if they hatin' let them talk, shawty
And I been drinking too much, and it got me thinking too much
You in my head [?]

[Verse 2: Teyana Taylor]
I say boy you done did it
Love how you kiss it
Ooh you can get it
I never felt like that before
Ooh, you the realest
Yeah, I admit it
All in my feelings

[Bridge: Teyana Taylor]
Had to pause, the wait a minute
Almost tapped out when you started swimmin'
A little cocky, I can deal with that
Cause you put it down and I need lots of that
Is that your phone? Where you at?
Give me rounds, I need all of that
You ain't even gotta knock, left the door unlocked
Now is you tryna take it down or nah?
Or nah?

[Chorus: Teyana Taylor]
Maybe it's the liquour, maybe it's the song
Don't know what it is, but you turn me on
Maybe it's the bar, maybe it's the car
Don't know what it is, maybe I'm in love

[Verse 3: Teyana Taylor]
In the club twisted, reminiscing
Boy, I can vision round two
It's me and you and I'm winning
There's no competition, boy, you about to



[Verse 4: Pusha T]
Who she seeing? Who she fucking on the low?
She kissing him, she kissing her, she one of those
Cause you you TMZ, you Sandra Rose
That's little sis, I'm big bro, let's go