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Artist: T-Rock
Album:  Da Kush
Song:   Butterfly Effect
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If only I could turn back time

[Chorus: repeat]
I'll take away the pain that I cause when I speak it in rhyme
if only I could turn back time
If I could I'll dry your teary eyes with a push of rewind
If only I could turn back time
I'd have took my ass to school instead of doing drugs and crime
if only

[1st Verse]
Never meant to render hurt to who I love
all I ever wanted was a blessing from the Man above
Lost in ignorance how can I panic
misusin those I love actually I don't understand it
wish I could recapture the past if the chance was granted
like the butterfly effect I'd repair all damage
and make it where you never did suffer
give you the peace you only dreamt of having with your mother
til then I'm in the gutter
niggas think I live my life to cast pain
to an innocent being who I can only give my last name
shit I'd be different if the cash came
but in the eyes of the system I'm just a victim with a bad name
homeless if another seed is my destiny
and I ain't got a thing what will I leave as a legacy
I'm prayin desperately
all the good that I rendered manifested into trouble
we'd probably be better separately so baby I apologize
you sacrificed paradise for a life of parasites
and hell modified the serpent rendered us a lot of lies
drinking the cup of suffering cause we have-nots
who outta rise infatuated with the dollar sign
I didn't know the half of your struggle feelin
you was outta line thought I could save her
like the Lion of Judah she was a rose being smothered
cause I planted manure if only

[2nd Verse]
Dear Cinderella I'm sorry I was blinded by cheddar
living life as a man with no money I could never measure
I dreamt of buying you a mansion of bricks
but I was barely recouping and CEO's were rich
you bared with me in hopes that your baby would rise
and when the bills were behind shit it ate me alive
I started peddlin yay sellin hay to see a better day
dirty money and you said the Lord told you never take it
and with a new breed in the game lurking
the game is strenuous on me so I continue working
my only way for me to feed my baby
was hit the trap with 380
and serve the fiends who shady
my fantasy is riding in Mercedes
but I got 9 albums out
and ain't a DJ in the South trying to even play me
wish I could rewind the hands of time
get a career and never have to put a hand in crime if only

[3rd Verse]
Dear child I aborted
I'm writing a letter to you in Heaven in my mind it was pre-recorded
me I'm still getting shorted
the fires of having nothing have got me feelin suicidal bout to forfeit
pray for your daddy he's a madman
ain't a thing going his was looking for treasure in a trash can
see you was precious before I met you
let it be told I never wanted you to feel the pain and be exposed
and Lord knows I'll probably be punished but I deserve it
so I'm nervous but I'm always honest
but if I didn't rap and had a 9 to 5 in college
from hella degrees in college it'll probably be logic
my life is deadly as a kitchen razor
I felt a life in Heaven was the only way to raise ya
so if I'm wrong pray for me directly to the Savior
I need his mercy now or later Alpha and Omega hell is major