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Artist: Team Napalm
Album:  The Invasion
Song:   Dressed 4 Combat
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Chapel]
Team Napalm, Team Napalm, word up
Word up, Just Da Barber, Dom Pachino, Crunch Lo
NLZ (P.R. Terrorist), the War Machine, Chapel, here we go, yo

When I blast this mic, it's gon' need paramed'
It's code red, crazy ass, Chapito red
Run up on your team then splash ya coke heads
It's trenchcoat, bungie, and duckin' the feds
It's how I get downtown, livin' on the edge
The full fledge, thoroughbred, wack MC's dead
What word spit, hanging like styles of all dreads
So long that word, dressing for combat

[Chorus: Dom Pachino & Chapel]
Full metal jack strap, dressed for combat
Boots laced up tight, dressed for combat
Warpaint smeared on my face, dressed for combat
Team Napalm, is dressed for combat

I said I came up from hard times, a local class
Talk trash, kings don't flash, the guns blast
For yo ass, spread like rash, clear you out
And the chalk out, nine, toe tag, the body counts
You got a problelm over? The man, I'm addressing
And yellin' man down when he tried to express it
I don't fuck around if a nigga wanna push me
It's no nonsense when the nigga smell pussy

[Dom Pachino]
I spit this shit at you like balls in a batting cage
I was born uptown, but this is a Staten way
I'm the greatest like Cassius Clay, kid, put them gats away
You will not win, and this is a fact today
I'm a general, you're a private, don't get smacked today
I'll get your head cracked early, like it's the crack of it
When I rap, you feel the impact, right away
To be exact, you get caught on your slack, and I can spray
Great balls of fire, no, it's P, Crunch and the Barber
NLZ and Chapizzy, mashed up like we're robbers

[Just Da Barber]
I roll with the brigade, always keep a deadly swishblade
Rock the fade, it's my trade, make you look government made
Cut your braids, give that ass a clean shave
Make 'em sleep with the wave, peep my style for days
My shit lays thirty six ways, after zero
I'm tired of these niggas try'nna play superhero
I grill 'em like DeNiro, then watch 'em play riddle
Al Yankovich, I shank a bitch, still do

[Crunch Lo]
I'm for whatever, I'm hungry and can't take it
I'm blessed with this gift, my whole aura is sacred
Promised to live good, abide by the rules
Ya'll dudes is too small to even walk in my shoes
I move like Accapoco red, so if a nigga want test, then a nigga want dead
Hot lead with this verbal assault, blow through your little vest, with this .45 colt
By dude be like "chill, nah, I wanna do it"
He got a new tool, and he fiending to use it
So all ya'll can get it, I protect mines and take yours too
Like I'm down with the George Bush crew
See, when you get the paper, the hoes catch the vapors
Probably escalade, you gotta count your tray eights