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Artist: Tanya Morgan
Album:  Rubber Souls
Song:   The Day I
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

Yo; yhe day I woke up was this one, so
I can't sit and play the victim, no
way will I waste another day in the place
where I just wanna run from
Uhh, another day another dollar
But the day that I squander is the day that I pawn the
memories remembering the day that I promised
myself, I'd el-evate, but cain't
The day

[Von Pea]
Secondhand blessings, shadowin and hope
Shallow in approach
Lookin to win without dimmin our inner glow
Within the city limits the mission appears a joke
Nobody chucklin I'm duckin any fear but yo
It's not a Sunday morning
It's more than money or people wantin the sons of Morgan
Sortin pros and cons, everything Sumner taught him
So when he up and solvin come applaud him

Yo~! The day I played the my first record for my moms (go on)
was the day that I decided my effort
would multiply with work, so much for findin work
cause I decide my worth! This has gotta work
The day I put in my two weeks
I was scared as hell wonderin how I'ma eat, BUT
the way that I see it, the day that I achieved it
was the day I decided to be it, and see it's
The day

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Today, I feel I'm fallin but I'll make it out
I give my all to it, it just take a bounce
You drain, I'll change; however
My day's lookin better, my day's lookin better