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Artist: Tanya Morgan
Album:  Rubber Souls
Song:   So Motivational *
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

* bonus track after "Never Too Much"

[Von Pea]
So motivational, wait!
Big legged older woman
She said you here but, when you comin?
There's Ciroc in the freezer and Cinnabons in the oven
There's two kids but they're with my cousin
Wait - that reminds me (whassup?)
I'm a sucker for pumps in pump omnis
I think "Lover's Deluxe" of Ron Isley's is why I'm here rhymin
I don't know, ask mommy
I ain't one of those lames with fake crime scenes
You don't want it the same then HEY, try me~!
We ain't one in the same, I'm trained alphy, up in they lame timely
Come in and take proudly
Anyway I'm hungover with a cinnamon roll up in the Ziplock
Just playin the background like Hitchcock
We are no longer in it for the well liquor
My name's a bell jiggler, get it for sale nigga
It's Pea!

Let me tell you somethin man
Don't tweet me for no bullshit
Just watched Your Honor, Kendall Flyer
Your aunt got a big ass Android phone
with my picture as her screen saver {*laughing*}