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Artist: Terrace Martin f/ Neka Brown, Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Locke High 2
Song:   Reasons for Seasons
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[Terrace Martin]
Tuh, it's big T.M. leaning off the Seagreens
Eyes bloodshot, look at 'em and you'll see him
Now who we've become but his mother's son?
The same one who avoided guns and picked up the drums
Had you marching to a different beat, stood you on your feet
I looked out, helped you off the streets
I gave you advice to heed, a new life to lead
In return, you took my kindness for weak
When I was at my lowest, truest colors started showing
Niggas I called friends wasn't answering they phone then
Cuh, that's when Quik' words rang true
Be careful who you hand your celebrity to
Uh, didn't get it till that very instant
Since then, between me and them I put a little distance
Niggas so lame for saying bro, it's a shame
Disloyal like a hoe, sold you soul for this game
and you still broke nigga

[Chorus: Neka Brown]
Sometimes people go as quick as they come
They say that there's nothing new under the sun
Cause time reveals all the reasons
Things change in life, just like seasons

[Kendrick Lamar]
Little Kendrick from the Hub
Can show you that my motive's always been to give you love
I'm putting out good music in return to build a buzz
that's bigger than life itself, or some bubble kush plug
Won't you look the mirror? You see a pair of eyes that's quite similar to mines
and if you do that shit should scare ya
Baby brother of Compton tryna the accomplish the impossible
with obstacles at my daily grinding, ohh no
Here come the critics, but not from the magazines, I mean
the blocks that be so-called mad at me, they're mean
As soon as success is in my favor
They'll try to break down my character, like I ain't from their heritage
Quite frankly, it'll hurt my soul to hear a nigga that I know
talking bad and tryna play me
Like we ain't had pellet gun fights, falling off of minibikes
In a Buick bumping Clipse with no AC, why would you shame me?


[Interlude: Terrace Martin]
Yeah, mm, so I was driving home last night on the 1-0-1 freeway
and I look up, and there's a sign that says 'Love your friends and love your family'
And I thought to myself, why do we use these words so loose?
Love, friends and family
I mean, if love is involved, why do friends and family hurt us?
And why do we hurt them?
It's kind of like we all forgot the true definition of love to begin with
Tuh, the one thing I do know, I nor you can be accountable for what somebody else does to us
We can only be accountable for what we do to them
So instead of saying that's my friend, that's my family, and it's love
Huh, I'ma say this to y'all

[Neka Brown]
So many words we say ain't really
What are we really saying?
People never change
Truth will be the same