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Artist: Terrace Martin f/ Problem
Album:  3ChordFold
Song:   Something Else
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[Chorus: Problem]
I remember when you told me, that you'll never leave me
But that ain't what you showed me, when you up and ran
Away from us, away from this, away from life, away from kiss
Away from hugs, away from love, and everything I thought we both wanted
That's when I found out, you wanted something else (else, else)
That's how I found out, you wanted something else (else, else)
That's when I found out, you wanted something else (else, else)
Guess what I found out {"How deep is your love?"}

[Terrace Martin]
Uh, same day, different women
But you the only one that I want with me
..True love from day one
So when I got it right, you wanna change up
If this ain't what you want, then girl, then say so
You complaining, when everything is paid fo'
Growin more distance as the days go by
I can't lie, I admit it's kinda painful
Huh, just when I think we doin cool
You remind me that we not, you keep playin me for a fool
All the playin games of steppin out on you I used to do
I don't now but it's like you don't appreciate the new.. me
Heh, tell me how you really feel
..You're trippin, but I love you still
Heh, are you ready, willing, and able? 
I am, so what's the deal? Yo, yo...


[Terrace Martin]
Uh, same man, changed woman
Feels like I'm beggin when I know I shouldn't
Gave you everything them other men wouldn't
Did you take away my love when I wasn't lookin?
Yeah.. that's what it seems like
You in love with me, but only in the meantime
Late night textin, convos with your exes
I ain't even pressure even though I seen the messages
Heh, gotta speak your mind and let it out
or let me go, guess you got some thangs to figure out
...Baby just do you
I tell you what, don't even call, and let me do me too
..I couldn't be the man for you
So hopefully, when you meet somebody, you tell him the truth
Until then, get your mind right, I wish you the best
I'm on the quest for real love and you can keep the stress, I'm gone..