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Artist: Talib Kweli & Styles P f/ Chris Rivers, Rapsody
Album:  The Seven
Song:   Let it Burn
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[Intro: Styles P & Talib Kweli]
Open your eyes (yea, tell me what ya see)
MC's on deck (this the elite squad)
You shall see (start recognizin your privileges)
Yeah (before they start weaponizin these lyricists)

[Styles P]
All praises due to Allah
But we worship the dollar, so what we gon' do for Jihad?
I was hard in the booth, in the yard, the hallway
Then I got wise, gave a lil' juice to the gods
Your body's your temple, try to keep the lesson intact
Progression is forward, regression is back (back back back)
But if you make it to the essence that's a blessing in fact
Fuck a stripper, I got Mother Nature makin it clap
I could rain dance a rain rhyme, pass me a track
I adapt to the boom-bap, mic and the strap
Gimme a dap, real rap, I'm ahead of the pack
This is Kweli and Ghost
In every rhyme kickin in the morning with 'em hatin this, probably a roach
I can talk to the walls, been walked on, listen dawg
I'm different, always use a godly approach
Ain't the new Black Star but shit I'm the +Mos+

[Talib Kweli]
Dope - like Mac Miller, we black 'zilla
These wack niggaz gotta give us dap but they be gettin too close
I abhor violence but I'm a bar away from grippin the toast
Your assumptions is a slippery slope, you scared to pick up the soap
Just stay away from the crime life
When you offer up critique of the Zeitgeist they slittin your throat
Yo that's why I'm like show me the limelight, what's twisted
They destroyed a young black and gifted, so I'm stayin on mission
Some of my niggaz got that blonde ambition
Want a test, ain't no competition, nigga my god is livin
Stayin true, I play it blue like it's foul language
What we livin through way more offensive, this is our anguish (solidarity)
Our pain is no illusion, no matter how you frame it (solidarity)
We spit our life, you actin like it's just entertainment
Nah, that's what a fetish is
Hip-Hop way more than cars, clothes and necklaces

[Chorus: Chris Rivers]
Ha! Chemtrails in the air
Ha, let it burn, let it burn
A nigga wishin he was there
Wait yo' turn, wait yo' turn
Nah, you think you're different but you're not boy
No, you think you're livin but you're not boy

Dollars circulate for some jewelry or cars
You Bambi runnin back in the forest
I know 'bout bright lights and that they all ain't for us
I know we at war and that I'm just like Forrest
Black man on my shoulder, recitin Raphael chorus
Gonna miss me like Nike Airs, crisp tees this summer, I'm comin for ya
Halfway there like La Toya, the +Heart Don't Lie+
Everybody rockin Jordans can't fly, 5'3" with a 6'9" stride
Got a leg up on whoever, my employer is 9
I'm only one away from a dime
We don't change up, we just a better version this time
I bet we get it right the next time
Millions march and they still buildin Dakota pipelines
I'm still writin pipe lines, crap! Prince said this a sign of the times
I'm waitin on a day that I cover a Time
My mother said the love of the blessed so I am just like her
You couldn't picture a writer like I with a Leica
Flash it, I descend for the cipher
There's more wisdom to come, even my dull shit brighter
But pay me no mind if you don't know what the price is
What the price is


[Chris Rivers]
Nah, you think we trippin, these are knots boy
Woo! You think we flippin, we got plots boy!