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Artist: Talib Kweli & Styles P
Album:  The Seven
Song:   Brown Guys
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[Styles P]
(Nigga!) I am a brown guy
But don't call me nigger, please, nigga please
You see that white boy, that's a nigga B
Nigga ain't a color, it's a mindstate, you diggin me?
Maybe not, I get it dude
But all them white boys blowin weed they some niggaz too
The difference is they got white privileges
Cops'll kill me, but I doubt that they kill 'em too
This ain't a stab or a jab
But I'm feelin kinda mad they ain't treated like a villain too
His weed is good as mine
His gun bigger than mine and he motherfuckin chillin too
Now if my color make you hate me
then I hope you go blind and can't see what your children do
(I hope you go blind) Now that sound kinda harsh
But you would feel like I feel if you had black children too
Racism make you sad and that shit'll have you mad
Sittin there with a sick face
A dickface, you a dickhead
And what you gon' do with all the people from a mixed race?
America is a sick place (you know)
But we paint it to be good
This is big city talk that is spreadin worldwide
Comin from a humble nigga comin out a poor hood

Styles P, Talib Kweli, "The Seven"

[Talib Kweli]
Life of a brown guy
Travel 'round the would with the name of a Muslim man
Now there are some up and some downsides
The downside is niggaz get they spinal cord shattered in police vans
I ain't a Muslim but my friends is (yeah)
Grew up Christian now I'm sorta spiritual, I know it's cliché
I see colors in the music
We switch it up, you see the gods mix it up, like a DJ
You say you're hating based on race, huh?
And that you're colorblind and you like hip-hop, like that's some kind of call
Like, you can't get punched in the face, huh?
That's why the Hindus and the Sikhs bein abused by Islamophobes
Extremism is ugly no matter what or where
People who don't believe in God kill all the time
The Bible more violent than the Quran, you see what's in there?
Ain't no belief system got a monopoly on all the crime
I judge a man by his actions and by his enemies
But they don't show themselves without a good reason (never)
This ain't a TV show nigga (this ain't a TV show)
They think they know the hood cause they seen "The Wire", the good seasons
I don't need your sympathy (no)
I don't need your empathy, your opinion is not required here
That's why you're hidin on the Internet (what's up?)
Cause all that "nigga" shit you writin will probably get you fired, yeah
And fucked up too, haha