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Artist: Talib Kweli & Nick Javas
Song:   Pepsi MAX NFL Audible - Ravens vs. Chiefs
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[Talib Kweli]
You're watchin the Pepsi Max NFL Audible

[Nick Javas]
Hello sports fans, welcome to the Wild Card round
For a fame that'll be won on the ground
It's a matter of passion as opposed to a good call
B'more and K.C. in smashmouth football
J.C. from K.C., Ray and Ray from B'Mo'
Anquan and Flacco, T. Jones and D. Bowe
Matt Cassel, the battle with Ed Reed
Ray Rice lookin to part the Red Sea
So there's no time to be timid
The team that moves on will be the one that's controllin the line of scrimmage
So the player who penetrates can never hesitate
And the losin team will get a date
with the couch at the house the one central fear
Watchin it from home and waitin 'til next year
So while it's right here in front of you
do whatever it takes to get a W
Otherwise it'll trouble you for months, and a stent won't fix it
Ice won't numb it, it's too deep of a sickness
It's called winless, and you don't want that
You gotta win this, handle your business
but never fall back, always attack
'til the big girl sings if you want that ring
So leave it on the field and you just might take it
As long as you gave it and didn't save it
Who wants it more?

[Talib Kweli]
Pepsi Max is zero calories
Maximum Pepsi taste