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Artist: Talib Kweli f/ Nigel Hall
Album:  Gutter Rainbows
Song:   Mr. International
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[Intro: Talib Kweli]
Hey! How ya doin?
We all gonna be like a bunch of little Fonzies
What's Fonzie? "He's COOOOL!"
Yup, meet Mr. International
On the runway more than a fashion show, y'know?
It's all love like McEnroe
But sorry I have to go - one more time yo!
Meet Mr. International
On the runway more than a fashion show, y'know?
It's all love like McEnroe
But sorry I have to go

[Chorus: Nigel Hall]
I've been so many places in my life and time
And I know, this fo' sho', I'm a life, that's worth living
I've seen a lot of faces made a lot of moves
I'm international, because of you

[repeat Chorus]

[Talib Kweli]
Let me introduce you to the Blacksmith crew, we makin money
Go to sleep with a dream and we wakin up hungry
Its a new day stomach is rumblin - oh well
I'm like Lloyd Banks, stumblin out of the hotel
Overseas show I'm catchin the last flight
Really need to go I'm hungover from last night
Out with Gina and MeLa Machinko, we get silly
Had a ball, 'bout to call a cab like Wet Willie's
When I'm in commuter traffic I'm never worried or panicked
First class travel, I'm flyin Virgin Atlantic
I'm already checked in, I'm ready to settle in
Going places I've never been, I get my Rosetta in
Rackin up the sky miles and gettin them upgrades
And you hate the only place that you visit is upstate
Don't be mad cause I'm writin this rhyme on my iPad
Don't be sad cause tomorrow I'm catchin the flight back


[Talib Kweli]
I'm a travellin man, movin through places space and time
Think your life hard workin at your 9 to 5
No matter what you do you can't imitate my grind
Twenty-four/seven love ain't that rough
when your career is you're passion no that ain't enough
So when you hear me rappin it's like I'm makin love
Banging your eardrum, slingin that good uhh, takin over the planet
You follow my footprints now you rollin with the greatest
I'm gettin to know the neighbors I'm tastin the local flavors
Chicks from the ghetto were richer than portobello
My life is like a movie a novel by Paulo Coelho
or the Steely Dan song about a bottle of Cuervo
Colombian Gold, take a hit for the road
It's given me a vision like I was lickin a toad
Consider me so blessed like momma bakin a cake
and the kids is lickin the bowl, the illest stickin to soul

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Outro: Nigel Hall]
It's because of you
I'm international, yeah
Ooooh-ooooooh, ahhh ahhh ahhhhh
We're flyin high up above in the sky
The WIND on our wings.. {*fades out*}