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Artist: Talib Kweli
Album:  Gutter Rainbows
Song:   Friends & Family
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You are now witnessin, the demise of the music business
I say demise of the music business
cause people always gon' need music in they life y'knahmsayin?
I can't do music with people, I'm uncomfortable with, y'knahmsayin?
I can't be on stage wit'chu
pourin out my soul.. if I don't like you
So with that said, shoutout to Strong Arm Steady
Shout out to Jean Grae
That's my Blacksmith family, you dig?

[Talib Kweli]
I just heard a song that reminded me of times when you was findin me
rhymin in Greenwich Village circa 1993
Yeah those were the salad days, my career's appetizer
The main course a casserole or a jambalaya
of different influences that led me where the music is
A student is, only as good as his teachers tutelage
Payin for college not learnin was straight foolishness
... So I stopped goin to school but this
was hard to tell my parents sat 'em down tried to get through to them
Thought of no one daily and travelled to different places
Freestyled with 'Clef and Forte in the Booga Basement
with Rubiks and JuJu on Flatbush my hood amazin
Platinum Island recordin with Duro and Just Blaze
And that was right next door to Rawkus whassup, Jared and Brian
Relax y'all, my man Fingaz
Kendra Ross you got the soul of a Stax singer
I love how you always bring it back sister
You and Reesy makin every record
I got classics with Hi-Tek and Mos Def that are so respected
Shout out to Corey Smith, shout out to Dave Chapelle
I went on tour with The Roots, they played so well
Writing rhymes with Mike and Nine
Me and Pharoahe Monch were Soundbombing
Me and +Lonnie Lynn+ got a lot in +Common+
Mystik Journeymen introduced me to Top Ramen
On the bus Kanye West would never stop rhymin
Ain't no mountain high enough for him, he never stopped climbin
That's why when the homies win I never stop smilin
See I'm smilin right now, hey

(Nothin else matters more than friends and family)
No doubt, that's how it's gotta be
This is my odyssey, it's just the God in me
(Friends and family) Yup, they all a part of me
Cause I would die for them, and they would die for me
(Friends and family) That's right, and plus I love my fans
Love when you throw your hands up it's like you all my fam
(Friends and family) Like you considered kin
Got me through thick and thin, thank you for listenin

[Talib Kweli]
(Nothin else matters more than friends and family)
It started with a blast, now I'm a iconoclast
Promised to be honest in my craft to make the promise last
I do this for myself, but the song for you
Once I put it out for sale then it belong to you
This for Amani Fela plus Diani Eshe
Your daddy love his girl, your mommy never far away
This is for Eque, this for Kierra Paul
We on ride like Ciara and we will never fall
Headquarters and Guru is love forever y'all
I make it plain cause it's too strong for a metaphor or simile
Your legacy will always be remembered for forever or
'til the end of time whichever come first
Big love to my mom and dad, you could have done worse
Jamal and I, the way we are cause you put your sons first
So many black parents lose they sons to the gunburst
Mommas drownin in they own tears 'til they lungs burst
Voice crackin like Michael Stipe cause everyone hurts


[Talib Kweli]
(Nothin else matters more than friends and family)
My first record was with Mood back in ninety-six
In fact it was pretty fresh, Google that, find that shit
It sound good, I was showin you what timeless is
You couldn't catch what I was sayin without rewindin it
... Believe me every fan is special
You hear me now, but I got fans from "Lyricist Lounge" and "Manifesto"
So much whack rap I know it's hard to tell the difference
but, when I heat it up I make the garbage smell
I'm resurrected but I'm no savior
I know the game I can ball a little bit, I'm an +Okayplayer+
Double meaning cause the flow is layered
We love to say it but it's easier than it sound to ignore the haters
To snap back like the jaws of gators
on amazin production, you can feel it and we killin it...
{*fades out*}