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Artist: Talib Kweli f/ Melanie Fiona
Album:  Prisoner of Conscious
Song:   Ready Set Go
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DJ, this beat is fresh
{"Ready set go!"}

[Talib Kweli]
You a prisoner, yeah
I switch lanes, it's still blurry then switch frames
Clownin these lames, you're Bill Murray in "Quick Change"
Control your mission, keep up with my pole position
Braggin about the ride that you're whippin, your soul is missin
Race it to your death or the holiest celebration
God bless our lady of holy acceleration
Cause we speedin when we drive on this highway of information
The devil try to deny us the highest of elevation
They keep us at sea/C level so I'm stayin on my A game
They local like the C when I express like the A train
My A-alikes take what I write, use it to maintain
We B/be alike and C/see alike cause we got the same brain
We in the same chains, workin the same fields
Now we independent, you can keep your fuckin lame deal
Total package, the flow is mastered, I'm blowin past the 
procrastinators so fast it's like they goin backwards

[Chorus: Melanie Fiona] {*w/ Talib ad libs*}
Life's so short we can't afford to lose, when the guns go off
And the flag drops, I-I-I'll never stop
I'ma race to the, finish line
On the road, to gettin the gold
Ready set go, go, go!
Ready set go, go, go
Ready set go, go, go!
Ready set go, go, go

[Talib Kweli]
Aiyyo they hate when I give it so straight, they need chasers
Half these little boys comin faster than Speed Racer
Pullin capers with my team, best believe I receive paper
with +Extraordinary Gentlemen+, trust me the +League+ major
On the highway of life I'm faster than cop cars
Quicker than the tongues of the rappers that got bars
Never rattle cause we been through the battles, we got scars
What~! Mr. International, half of the Black Star
It's the sound that you missin, I'm here when ya ears listen
Play it loud in your whip when you dip and your gears shiftin
I'm +gifted+, like "The Island of the Misfit
Toys" - ladies apply it like a lipstick
Poised, to take over when the shit drop
Boys wanna holler at +Birds+ like Alfred Hitchcock
Men wanna talk to the women, we ain't screamin
Just whisper in her ear and we leavin, yeah

[Chorus] w/ different ad libs

[Melanie Fiona]
Ohh, when it's down to the wire
Ohh, I got a will made of fire
And you can't stop it
No, you can't stop it (no, you can't stop it)
Because I'm destined to win
Ohh, like a born champion
And there ain't no stoppin (ain't no stoppin)
Now's the time, get ready, set, goooo

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, on your mark, get set, when I start the jet
look how far I get - I'm not only an artist, they say
one is the loneliest number but still regardless
Second best don't exist, it's a little oxymoronic
Uh, what if I, listen to haters and never bothered
Hittin high water marks cause the market flooded with garbage
Uh, you are now embraced by the light, we fiber-optic
Shinin bright love, you get a tan, Hawaiian Tropic
Yup, "Prisoner of Conscious"? Nonsense
Opposite of conscious is asleep, I prefer to call it awake
Uh, it's so ironic, it's beautiful when you finally get a wake
It's your funeral, you don't get it, I'll wait
Uh, rappers nowadays are confusin you
I know you tired of the usual like Trey Songz and Drake
Uh, that's why I'm keepin the faith, keepin the pace
Although it's all about the winnin it's never about the race

[Chorus] w/ all new ad libs