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Artist: Talib Kweli f/ Marsha Ambrosius
Album:  Prisoner of Conscious
Song:   It Only Gets Better
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[Intro: Talib]
Hands in the air, hands in the air
Gon' feel this one, yeah, uh
Hands in the air, hands in the air
Everybody, hey, hey, hey, yeah

[Interlude: Marsha Ambrosius]
Lord knows I had it hard today
(Had it hard today)
Still I gotta keep my head up high
Along the way (along the way)

[Chorus: Marsha Ambrosius]
Cause it only gets better, better
It only gets better from here
It only gets better, better
It only gets better from here

[Talib Kweli]
Every day I gotta wake up early, let us pray, thank the Lord, meditate
Get the troops, hit the booth, spit it true, spit it great
Practice at my gratitude, life is so, beautiful
Workin on the attitude adjustment cause it


[Talib Kweli]
Every day I gotta - tr-trust in God and hustle hard
My grind is real, my hustle go
I'm findin meals, I'm signin deals
I'm a +Gladiator+, I'm like Russell Crowe
Yo I know it's real but I'm focused still
while your focus shaky like "Cloverfield"
Cause you not in tune, no you not immune
No echinacea, no goldenseal
So you sick inside, gotta flush it out
When you talk to folks cover your mouth
But ain't nobody gonna cover that shift
so you go to work and you tough it out
And you bust it out 'til you off of work
I know your boss a jerk, you wan' cuss him out
Hit him with the bus driver uppercut
That clock the only thing you punchin out
I relate to you, you gotta pay your dues
When the time is right you gotta make a move
Your job is what you get paid to do
Your calling's what you made to do
I got faith in you, you gon' make it through
Cause you don't chase money, money chasin you
Keep laborin like you got a baby due
You gon' taste those fruits like Naked Juice
Whoa, the world won't wait for you
You gotta take it now, you gotta make a vow
As long as you on planet Earth
put family first, gotta make 'em proud
Hey - let me break it down
Aww bless your heart
Steady talkin 'bout how stressed you are
Should be talkin about how blessed you are, yup~!

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

[Marsha Ambrosius]
Every day I gotta get up early, wake the kids, damn I'm runnin late again
Go to work, punchin in, e'ry day I'm hustlin
Fight the traffic, lose my cool, pick the kids up after school
Life is hard, yeah that's true but this is what I have to do


[Talib Kweli]
Every day I gotta - walk with God, be still then listen
Try to talk to God with this real I'm spittin
Callin Christ by name and he still ain't risen
Sent him a link but he still ain't listen
Got ice in our veins, we remain so frigid
Still and it kill brain cells when you hit it
Or them pills when you pop that, pop that, pop that
Don't stop, get it, get it
Started we the fighters, we survivors but we ain't livin
My soul is +Blacker+ than the +Friday+ after Thanksgiving
People of color 25% more likely than Whites to face prison
But just because the President is Black there's no more racism?
Post-racial? More like most racial, the hate for you disgraceful
Don't let it take you off your base, let it motivate you
Don't let it overtake you, so what another cloud?
Survive the storm by ridin on the beasts of the Southern wild, wow

[Interlude] + [Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Outro: Talib]
Every day I gotta (every day I gotta)
Memories live man, and my memories stay alive, yeah
Shoutout Assata Shakur, Nehanda Abiodun, yeah
Rest in peace Troy Davis
Rest in peace Geronimo Pratt, yeah
One love to Nasrin Sotoudeh
One love to Leonard Peltier, c'mon
"Prisoner of Conscious" man
Whenever life bring me down, I think about those freedom fighters
Those who put they life on the line
Those who get jailed for they thoughts
Like Tural Abbasli, put in jail for organizin a protest, on Facebook
Like Mumia Abu-Jamal, what up Mumia~!
"Prisoner of Conscious" man
Free Pussy Riot!

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

[Talib]  Every day I gotta
[Marsha] Yeah, yeah, yeah {*4X*}