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Artist: Talib Kweli
Album:  Prisoner of Conscious
Song:   Human Mic
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[Talib Kweli]
I exhibit characteristics of the average misfit
who graduated from stabbin and grabbin a biscuit
It's sick and tragic how antagonistic
we get, when there's no power, it goes sour
I seen them crossin the bridge by the masses covered in the ashes of both towers
Native New Yorker, the way that we talk make 'em an offer
that you can't refuse, come back later on after you thought it over
Look out for them shooters, they'll be poppin up at the opera
to pop ya, the daughter's payin for the sins of the godfather
Popular music got 'em confusin killers and artists
I kill it the hardest, competition dearly departed
They feelin some sort of way cause my flow revealin they garbage
I'm makin 'em throw it up, you just makin the people vomit
When it come, to this rhymin I'm a legend like Tutankhamun
or the Chupacabra, the way I weave it together and tie the knot up
Made a macramé of macabre, you a Daiquiri with a shot of
the Amaretto, you sweet as a girly drink - oh the horror
Throw it back, Cognac, I'm the best, you know that
You could have your own opinion but not, your own facts
On track, as the most prolific ever
The most consistently viciously off the rip, we be rippin it like a shredder
Some symphony hall shit, gettin higher than your falsetta
It's gettin better, drop a +Pearl+ every +Jam+ like Eddie Vedder
Very fed up with self-appointed preservers of past eras
who never see they reflection when they walkin past mirrors
They got bitten and now they smitten with the taste of blood, ain't take enough
drugs for the sleepin, they weepin and fuckin they makeup up
Uh, I raise the bar and my weight is up
All this hate is just confused unadulterated love
The eyes are the windows to the soul and my shade is up
Advocate for artists regardless cause I got faith in us (faith in us)
For the workers who don't get paid enough who take the bus
Hands way too rough for the paper cuts
As far as they concerned food on the table the only way to love
It take a slum village to raise a child, you gotta raise it up (raise it up)
Raise it up (raise it up) raise it up (raise it up)
Take it up (take it up) take it up {*echoes to the end*}