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Artist: Talib Kweli
Album:  Prisoner of Conscious
Song:   Hamster Wheel
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[Intro: Talib]
I see ya, yeah, I see ya
See, I'm lookin right at you
With eye contact, you, see me
And I'ma, be me
Uh, first I'm sayin hi
Then I'm wavin bye-bye
We gettin, we gettin
Girl you so fly, you so fly

[Talib Kweli]
Yo these swallows is horny as Charlie Parker be
Cuttin 'em cause I'm studyin these birds like ornithology
Follow 'em when they tweetin, holler instead of speakin
Give it a name she play them +Wicked Games+ every +Weeknd+
Broke up with a dude for almost endin her life
Came over for the closure, ended up spendin the night
Got cozy in his apartment, wine bottles started poppin
Put scratches up on his back, then questionin where he got 'em
Forgot it was her, she Freddy, her fingers was like machetes
The fuckin was so steady she shredded him like confetti
Confronted him 'bout, every single chick, he's like "Enough already
I need to be with someone else, this stuff is so petty"
She was reactin to things he did in the past
This nigga was no saint, he couldn't say no to ass
Her behavior's so rash, she gave up all her power
He put her out on the street, nowhere to live, nowhere to shower
How's she gonna make it through the night?
How's she so acceptin of her station in life?

[Chorus: Talib Kweli]
She always carryin her baby with her
A spittin image, it's like lookin at her baby pictures
Her fate is sealed cause she dependin on a man for real
How she runnin these streets but always standin still?
She need to get up off the hamster wheel
She need to get up off the hamster wheel
How she runnin these streets but still standin still?
She need to get up off the hamster wheel
She need to get up off the hamster wheel

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, battery in her back, poppin up with the copper top
Popular with the acid, the hot and tot
Niggaz whoopin and hollerin at Andromeda when she passin the barbershop
Only job that's an option McDonald's or telemarketer
Hard for her makin ends come together, this ain't The Beatles
She need her some anesthesia like she goin under needles
She doin so much cuttin it's a wonder she ain't bleedin
The money was so seductive no wonder she ain't leavin
First time she felt like a woman, was when a dude screamed
"Nice ass" out the car window drivin past
Nobody showed her how to live so all she do is dream
They call her Rocky cause her makeup is like a mask
Find scars permanently lodged on her frontal lobe
Behind bars for credit card schemes she pulled a month ago
First she gettin high...
Now we wavin bye-bye...
She's waitin at her station just the same
as she's waitin at a station late at night for a train that never, came