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Artist: Talib Kweli f/ Mike Posner
Album:  Gravitas
Song:   Colors of You
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[Intro: Talib Kweli] + (Mike Posner)
Yeah, been around the world many times
Seen many things, and they in color too
I seen women so beautiful
that I could die with a smile on my face
and not feel like the good Lord jipped me
(The space between love and me)
Yea, yeah (between)

[Talib Kweli] + (Mike Posner)
How you expect to have an ordinary relationship, with such an extraordinary nigga?
Yeah there's flaws in what you figured
Ain't the liquor that, got you considerin callin up the sitter
Tellin her you need a couple hours and of course you tip her
I like my fantasies, half stripper, half glass slipper
Wrappin one like a riddle with enigma
Character in my flip book, comin to life when I'm flippin through the pictures
Switchin up the positions
My karma karma chameleon change colors with the surroundings
I can hear you with my eyes and I'm lovin the way you sound and
I'm smotherin and I'm grindin, now data is countin me out
Lovin in public when we comin and, up against the cupboard
'til we (look like turquoise) right on the couch, huh
(Yellow on a bad day) Knockin it out, without a doubt, uh

[Chorus 2X: Talib Kweli] + (Mike Posner)
(Colors of youuuuu, oooooh)
Aiyyo the world is my colorin book
Look, new discoveries every time
when I color outside the lines

[Talib Kweli] + (Mike Posner)
(Color of youuuuu, ooh-oooh yeah)
My self expression, acquire every color in the spectrum
My self reflection make the light change direction
When you see it from this angle, the color, the cut, the clarity
Starts bringin me down, that's the depravity of gravity
Havin me in my blue phase, go off the grid for a few days
Go on a journey without a suitcase
The security of obscurity
in a world of respect and I'm tradin it like it's currency
Currently it's off, there's a mallet hittin a xylophone
He's so yellow I'm wishin his fella right his wrong
But naw, instead he is synthetic as Styrofoam
Recite a poem so monotone that he monochrome
My lighter poke through the clouds
We'll take you higher like you smokin the loud
while I provide a dope kaleidoscope of sound
You can see it with your ears
You can hear it with your eyes, you can feel it right here
Yeah... uh
(Colors of youuuuu, oooooh)

[Talib Kweli + Mike Posner]
You don't look like turquoise
You don't look like gold
You don't look like purple
That'll match your hue

[Chorus: Talib Kweli] + (Mike Posner)
Aiyyo the world is a colorin book
Look, new discoveries every time
When I color outside the lines, uh
(Colors of youuuuu, oooooh)
Ay, ay, aiyyo the world is a colorin book
Uh, new discoveries every time
When I color outside the lines, hey
(Colors of youuuuu, oooooh)