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Artist: Totally Insane 
Album:  Direct From the Backstreet 
Song:   I Don't Even Trip 
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[Ad Kapone] 
People always askin ad rock where her beau been 
I been docked in the cuts wit my pad and my pen 
Creatin gangta flows just because the gangstas know 
Its been a long hard road and I had a way to go 
When I was young I was labled as a basket case 
And every one walked by me got the gas face 
And then I started getin taller and my started gowin 
And people said I looked like a Samoan 
But thats all right cuz it made all the girls stare 
But some wouldn't talk cuz my hair was longer than theirs 
I got a curl and they tease me bout the drip drip 
But I kept it banging so I didn't even trip 
People always wanna talk down on the under man 
But I had self respect so I kept the upper hand 
And because all the girls was biting...
That's what kept kapone always fighting 
Jealous punks will sweat you over spilt milk 
And try to plex and that's what gets brothers killed 
See I don't care about another gold on his grip 
That don't phase me, man I don't even trip 

[Background chorus] 

I aint tripping no more it really aint worth my time 
so just caution all I kick them back and wrote you all a rhyme 

[Ad Kapone] 
My momma always told me it was gonna be days like this 
Where your name is gonna be on somebody's list 
But don't drip off the perk and janx 
And to the ones that was that was really down give em' thanx 
Lesson 3 no don't change yours for nobody 
It's funny what some people would do for money 
As I was growing up I had a lot of stepping stones 
Never lonely had my older brother rey bones 
Back at ravens wood man them was the old days 
Doing assemblies and talent shows in P. A 
I remember coming up with the K.O.D 
The kings of death man we was bout 12 deep 
Doc Luc, Chung, Mac 10, and I.C.D 
Glenny Glen, Brucy B, Spice D, and Me 
Tiny t, and the E all old schoolers 
When it came down to rap man we was the rulers 
Then everybody moved away and i was alone 
then I realized it was up to kapone 
To keep the group alive even by myself G 
Then doc luc came back it came reality 
Me and doc rocked shows and brought the house down 
Then we made them O's and shopped them around 
No one discovered us but we still rocked on 
We bumped and kept all the crowds pumped 
Like the talent show at Menlo and county park 
I think that's what lit up my first spark 
We was rocking and the scouts were recruiting 
It was coo till dumb brothers started shooting 
It was drama and it raised up a lot of fuss 
And after all that they blamed it on us 
But the media hype wont keep me down 
I control that my behavior is on the crowd 
I don't understand why they come with that shit 
I'm only Ad man I don't even trip