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Artist: Travis Barker f/ Jay Rock, Kurupt, Paul Wall
Album:  Give the Drummer Some (Deluxe Edition)
Song:   Don't Fuck With Me
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[Jay Rock]
Yeah, yeah, uh
I'm just a skinny ass nigga with the world on my shoulders
Heart black as a motherfucker, my daddy was a soldier
Bi-polar never, I'm straightforawrd wit it wit it
Feelin froggy leap, ribbit ribbit, get splitted
Haters all in my vision, probably tryin to stop my livin
So I'm strapped, with a mac, yeah them shots what I'm givin
I ain't miss him when I hit him, that's for sho', I'ma kill him
Yeah the Lord may show mercy but my squad got no feelings
This just business, gotta get it, yet in prime, stack a milli
And my city better watch it cause the devil's always busy
When the stress on my brain, shit I'm smokin 'til I'm dizzy
Yeah the chronic keep me lifted, tryin to stay up outta prison
When I'm speakin my mind lames think that I'm trippin
But it's nothin but the real every time that I'm spittin
When them haters get to riffin then it's caps that I'm peelin
Shit I'm wea-pon concealin, I'm a natural born killer
Don't fuck with me

[Chorus: Jay Rock]
Tryin to get mine when you see me on the grind
Don't fuck with me
If you see me gettin high tryin to keep a peace of mind
Don't fuck with me
You don't like what I'm sayin, you don't like my appearance?
Don't fuck with me
The doctor told my momma that I'm 51-50
So don't fuck with me

[Paul Wall]
Ain't nann muh'fuckers gon' halt my grind
I'm pullin a double shift, I gotta put it down
I'm skippin the line cause partner I ain't got time
And I need mine, I gotta get it while I'm still in my prime
And my future lookin foggy, still I see clear
I'm in the Darth Vader black Beemer skatin like {?}
No fear, my deal posted on the top tier
Too many powder brakes, I'm shakin and I can't steer
I'm out on skid row gettin that guap
And when the sun come back up I be right back at the spot
Until they drop me in the grave mayne I can't stop
Cause I know one way or another I'ma be on top
And partner I can't yield until I'm in jail or killed
Knock on wood, I gotta get it how I live
My cup stay filled, a hundred miles standin still
Cause partner that's how it is when you're trill
Don't fuck with me


So? So?
I'm a hellhound born beast on a uniform
Blue Chucker motherfucker, see his soul uninformed
'Bout to heat a monster, venomous hela monster
Baby C.J. humpin kilo{?} monsters
Gotti's Godzilla, pride nigga, ride killer
Ride with the wire pump through Dubai nigga
Fill a, bag up with scrilla, well fill it
Multiple peelings, banana clips and gorillas
I'm ape-shit for grips, guap chopper on chop
You sunny motherfucker get eclipsed
Get cooked like bacon eggs and grits, on some G shit
Ridiculous cheddar, offer some water and zips
Mountain high bundles of the bricks, get you clipped
Get you picked the fuck off, Molotov chopper chipped
Kurupt, I'm sickly strictly instantly
Quickly murderous so nigga don't fuck with me
I'll bust!


[Outro: Jay Rock]
Don't fuck with me {*repeated to the end*}