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Artist: Swizz Beatz f/ Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly
Album:  One Man Band Man
Song:   It's Me Bitches (Remix)
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[Intro: Lil Wayne] (Swizz Beatz)
Voulez vous coucher avec moi bitches!!! (Showtime!!!)

[R. Kelly] (Swizz Beatz)
Re! remix! (You know what time it is right?)
Re! re-remix! (It's showtime!!!)
Re! remix! (You know what time it is right?)
Remix! (Grab your steerin wheel)

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne] (Swizz Beatz)
(Chillin in my Beemer) Sittin in my Phantom
(Listenin to Ether) Listenin to the anthem
Weezy the badman, one man band man
The girl with me cell phone she don't answer
He's so sweet make her wanna lick the rapper (This is the remix!!!)
So I let her lick the rapper
She take care of me all my homeboys after
Jumpoff!!! Jumpoff!!! The girl is a jumpoff!!!
I let her snort a mountain and she just jumped off
Jumpoff!!! Jumpoff!!! You know she a jumpoff
Pull my dick out and watch her jump on jumpoff
You make it so hard when it's all so basic
Chevy grill lookin like a set of new braces
Southside baby, we outside baby
Smokin on the spinach like Popeye baby
'J'adore ah les femmes', yeah I love my riches
'bonjour' money and 'au revoir' bitches 
'Geant ou petite', we do it the biggest
and new nae rats mean we ain't snitches 
Now can ya tell me how good my French is:
"voulez-vous coucher avec moi bitches?"

[Bridge: R. Kelly] (Swizz Beatz)
(Ok, now time to bring the big boy out, Kells!!!)

[Verse 2: R. Kelly]
Hi hi nice to meet ya, it's Kells the freaker
Mr. Bump N Grind Mr. song of the weeker
R&B singer, Mr. defeater
Sixteen years and still comin through your speaker
Mr. Pied Piper bitch I'm on fire
Don't trust me I'm a Billboard shyster
I got Dreamgirls, what you 'gon do
Got them chicks singin "And I am tellin you!"
Up in the club, flossin like a don
Album 'bout to drop so you bitches better run
Makin them moan while havin sex to the song
After sex, I beat my chest like I'm King Kong
Ice so cleared out everybody move
Haters on D, I'm 'bout to take these fools
Everytime I shoot a shot it's like SWIZZ!!!
Everytime I shoot a shot it's like SWIZZ!!!
Everytime I shoot a shot it's like SWIZZ!!!
I'm in the buildin and I'm lookin for a BITCH
Walk out the studio man it's a HIT
Back in the studio and do the REMIX
I'm in the Mark 5 with a bad CHICK
Hop out five paparazzi goin CLICK
Come on!!!

[Bridge: Swizz Beatz]
Hold up, wait a minute!!! (I'm back off vacation!!!)
Hold up, wait a minute!!! (You know what I was doin!!!)

[Verse 3: Swizz Beatz]
Chillin in the Beeza, wit my mama mia
She smokin on cohiba, on my sun seater
For those of you who don't know that's just a yacht with a deck
You talk about your cars, what you got up on ya neck
I showed you my portfolio, straight disrespect
The rims in, the spot they ask "you couldn't write a check?" noo!
You better think about it, yeah you better think about it
You betta hit the damn bar and get a drink up out it
I'm straight loco, don't care bout no popo
Only big weight, what you think I roll wit Joe for
Wanna talk crazy, go and meet my fo fo
Ra! ra! ra! ra! .. There go that popo
J-jam in that Enzo! J-jam in that Spider
J-jam in that G4, Bet you can't catch me though
Double Z's on that whip, put the grease on her lips
Took her to the mine come and threw the D on that bitch

[Bridge: Swizz Beatz]
You know who it is.. It's me bitches!

[Verse 4: Jadakiss]
Takin' ova, the wait is ova
We bringing it back like baking soda
I don't stop squeezing till ya face is over
I'll be on vacation till the case is over
Bottles everywhere, club full of women
Gucci sneaks, A good cuff on a denim
A few birds to look out the free peaches
You cock suckers know who it is, it's me bitches!