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Artist: Sweatshop Union
Album:  Water Street
Song:   Mashed Potatoes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, Pigeon Hole, Evil
Yeah, Mr. Marmalade, let's roll man

What's the game plan new jack? You still lookin back
for the same two cats that's runnin laps around your grade school raps
And what's the matter dude? You mad because we're not havin none of it
When your weak ass wouldn't even last a minute up in Dun-a-wich
Your whole platoon can't compete with the cap of two for loops
A rapper crew, who apt to do, whatever the fuck we want to do
Cop the new LP cause this here's the preview
And you ain't seen nothin yet so y'all can save it for the review

Yeah, you must be trippin thinkin you could ever Pigeon Hole me
Push me to a corner and I'd turnin into a flippin zombie
Walkin dead, chopped off head, droppin red buckets of blood
and guts comin out on the town dressed up in a tux
Evil, not street legal, I speak regal
Sweatshop wants to introduce me as the fifth Beatle
My lingo's lethal, I smoke diesel
Get the fuck out of my face before I turn evil

Ah-hah, like I already was and I'm already buzzin
like the electric eel 600 volts got you jumpin huh?
Bzzzt~! Out the window, your style's so simple
I'm magnificent, bring in the crescendo
Marmalade and Mellow play the keys and the cello
I'm at your door with the mask and bag like "Hello!"
Get to know us, put the whole crew on our shoulders
How we roll is, won't stop 'til we get what they owe us
So give your soul up or we blow up, BOOM!
It's Evil, Ebeneezer, and the Sweatshop doom

It makes me happy just to shit on rappers' dreams, watch
Steam and watch the Grimace like "What is this?" This is me, knahmean
The sucker fiends could only take so much
So why'd I have to lean into them, and play so rough?
I don't know, I'm sorry, I 'spose it's for the glory
of bein able to say that I shit on rappers who bore me and
You lose when I snooze so please don't make do it and
squat upon your noggins and go doo-doo to prove it