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Artist: Sweatshop Union
Album:  Water Street
Song:   Gutterball
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ladies and gentlemen, I came to bring the medicine
That raw uncut shit mixed with adrenaline
No one is better than I, no one can get 'em
in the place that I send 'em in and yes it's so evident
For better sentencin I'm steady alphabetin 'em
Anybody sent on in believe that I'm deadin them
Words with veteran, ghetto saint, wreck it then
back to the hotel where I get into my melody
Do it again again, no there ain't no end to it
On and on is the life that we're livin in
I ain't content to win, cause see I can't surrender them
Limp limbs shoot without the urge to contend again
We're fresh like lemons and above all remember
When you step into the ring you get crushed in the head my friend
We got the airtight shit, you better let it in {*10X*}