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Artist: Sunz of Man f/ Father Lord, Timbo King
Album:  Signs of the Time (S)
Song:   Signs of the Time
Typed by: Tha Masta, Cno Evil

[Intro: Killah Priest w/ 60 Sec. harmonizing]
As the days go by, as the days go by
The Signs of the Time, as the days go by
The Signs of the, the Signs of the Time
As the days go by, the Signs of the Time
As the days, as the days go by
As the days..

[Killah Priest]
Electrical turban, begin swervin across the urban
Astral observin, with the eyes of a Persian
Over landmarks, sparked by parts of ya conscious
Beyond stress, with no boundaries
Wearin crowns and holdin keep for the brown seeds
Passin sight, sound, speed, light, air and water
My aura shines like a quarter, am I Almost There?
Peeps need me, on and on, on and on, on an on..
Order a round for em, I re-bore a mighty unicorn
Mark of the Bible, Killah Priest really is here
The cup of life, I'm Almost There
My pins flare, pin stripes, spiritual insight
I grab the pen tight, then write
All praises due..

[Chorus x4: Killah Priest w/ 60 Sec harmonizing]
The Signs of the Time got me driftin, driftin
As the days go by, as the days go by

[Prodigal Sunn]
Through Godly common sense, I condense frustated anger
From the basement of my mind, advocate rhymes through the end of time
Mentally I meditate bars, watch em explode
Redeemer of soul, Sunz of Man lace the globe
On the journey to the rule of infinity
Masculinity shapes my chemistry and shields my identity
See the strength I contain, identical to chemicals
Puncture your temple causin static in your mental
Thoughts are eternal, ignite the pages in my journal
Invade the planet with seven criminals, eleven bandits

[Chorus x4: Prodigal Sunn]

[Father Lord]
Black opium, the emperor's thought be my treasure
On a journey with miraculous sight, be my pleasure
Diamond dust enough when the twelve tree bust
A Father shamed in rain and the sour of disgust
Wu Chi and I give the three to understand it
A man who sticks his hands through stone to slip planets
He ain't in any martialist schools but I'm an Abbott
Use a piece wrapped in platinum, a fleece before the Captain

[Timbo King]
I walk a righteous path through these wicked narrow streets
It's the 21st century, Allah against the beast
Fuck a lease, I'm owning properties, over seas
From the coast of Great Britain to the hills of Italy
I'm the ebony Universal King adding degrees
To this current, I take your unholy scriptures and then I burn it
Slap the reverend, impeach the deacon
With a cloak through his throat, for preaching

[Chorus x4: Killah Priest]

[Outro: Father Lord (repeated to fade)]
The fool who don't know nothing is a man who's out of his sight