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Artist: Sunz of Man
Album:  Life (S)
Song:   Life (Bloody Choices Premix)
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Hell Razah (Prodigal Sunn)]
Take a look off into what's ahead of you
Once you walk on the land, it's the Sunz of Man-sion
KnowI'msayin? It exists, 5 doors in this Sunz of Man-sion
Each room is, one each for Prodigal Sunn
And Hell Razah and 60 Second Assassinator
The Killah Priest, the 7th Ambassador
And we gon' trap you inside here and ressurect your dead
Mind that you live with, too much killin goin on
That's what we here for to start warrin
KnowI'msayin? To teach those..
(To teach those that don't know it, mental satisfaction
You know this right? We goin thru the chambers of death)

[Hell Razah]
Yo, in this universal tournament, I'm warnin it
If my knowledge, you not absorbin it
After I thought of it, my brain recorded it
Then I track slaughtered it, went on tour with it
Longer than life or death, stalkin it (stalkin it)
As I inject this in your ear drums, here comes tons of intelligence
Fatter than elephants
I lock a mental slave instead of level my Dead Presidents
Why should I kill for who tried to kill me?
Walk thru this industry with a bond to my chest for victory
History heals me, shields me, force fields me
With the truth, goin out like a troop
At war and able with my gun ready to shoot
Righteous bullets keep your minds wicked-proof
Any day you be a target aimed off the roof

[Prodigal Sunn]
My occupation on the plantation, survival in the land of psychos
Deluded with men, polluted within, engagin sin
I spark wars against the veteren, I be the righteous medicine
And antidotes from Bed-Stuy to Park Slow
Strives, I spark a roadway to condense into smoke
I knowledge the author, holdin the Oscar, inhalin ganja
I'm livin after, shatterin bones, scopin the metronome
7th chapter, a rapture begins, enter disaster
Demolishin fake advocators, perpetrators
Nigga haters, hydroponic blowin out the generator
There's no need so please you don't proceed
To get your ass fucked up, flamed like some trees
Mental consumer, hypothesis, deep and relentless
Remember the story of religions..

[Chorus 2X: Prodigal Sunn (Hell Razah)]
Life tell lies, death in your face
(Every other day we killin off our own race
Rather, drugs, guns, something common known
This is the place that we all call home)

[Hell Razah]
Yea, yea, now, we enter stage 2
Can't limit the unlimited lyricist who's killin this
Hip-hop 'til it deminishes
Lettin off aggrevation over radio stations
More dangerous than niggaz with street reputations
Murderin wicked nations raised by Satan
Ain't no escapin the ways and revelations
I speak about why's the Illuminati
Lies blockin off the true lights to guide me
I looked everywhere for God and found him inside me
Now we bring in more ruckus than Christopher Columbus
Devils want us dead in the lie, the only weapon is the mind
Survive, thoughts are advertised, tranquilized
Turn in 'em, dries the Arabian Desert
Black doctor, sendin out the Asian paramedics
Militant soldier, armageddon (Armageddon)

[Prodigal Sunn]
I made my name through dedication, Prodigal/Sunz of Man affiliation
Population Click rollin thick, legit, forty burnin spliffs
Initiation, I kill a whole fuckin nation
Demonstration, the year 2000, date of restoration
Burstin inflation, absorbin degrees
MC's, enemies get hung from trees
Brutalities, based on the adversary
I gets amped for my camp in my station
When I release frustration you'll be a fucked up situation
Now do you think, you could honestly fuck with me, G-O-D?
Set up slugs to your jug, I tried to warn you 'bout reality

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Hell Razah (Prodigal Sunn)]
As life tell us lies, we come and tell the truth
KnowI'msayin? Where there is lies there is the truth
So here we come, here we go to drop it and it's ready
KnowI'msayin? Knowledge, equality, knowI'msayin?
Understanding, be the science of the real God
Only the original man, knowI'msayin?
We come to walk this land, this be  the Sunz of Man right here
KnowI'msayin? Respect (Respect, risin and elevatin the mentalities
Of those that have no knowledge of theyself, knowI'msayin?
We represent the truth, and the truth is in life
We shine forever bright, reflections, knowI'msayin?
Mental perfection is our direction)
Yea, yea, yea
This one is served for the mental dead (to fade)

[Malcolm X sample]
We gon' catch Hell..
We gon' catch Hell, you already caught Hell
You can't catch any more Hell than you have caught
So any time you live in a government, we gon' catch Hell
We gon' catch Hell, you already caught Hell
You can't catch any more Hell than you have caught
So any time you live in a government, we gon' catch Hell
We gon' catch Hell, you already caught Hell
You can't catch any more Hell than you have caught
So any time you live in a government

[Outro 2: Prodigal Sunn]
Sunz Of Man, open up knowledge in your head

[Chorus 1.25X]