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Artist: Sunz of Man
Album:  Let's All Agree (S)
Song:   Let's All Agree
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: 60 Second Assassin (Prodigal Sunn)]
Stop buddy.. this verse is one in a million
10-4 good buddy.. from the top (from the top)
Obey I.. from the top, what's happenin'?
(From the top) From the top.. yo..

[Hook: 60 Second Assassin (Prodigal Sunn)]
We all agree, we all agree, we all agree
(We all agree, we all agree, we got degrees)
We all agree, we all agree, we got degrees (What?)
We all agree, we all agree, we got to defeat

[Chorus: Prodigal Sunn]
Let's all agree we got to be one nation under the groove
Let's make moves, what? Show and prove
Too many lip professors, aggressors, fake protectors
Caught up in this rap session, learn ya lessons
Stop second guessin', you better strive for perfection

[Prodigal Sunn]
No question, a born blessin', a pure essence
A lethal weapon, I broke the chains of illusion
The son thrown out, no longer dwellin' in confusion
Any intrusion, we spread his body like pollution
Accordin' to the constitution, he died of execution
Caught up in the womb of America's prostitution
As it was said, let the dead bury the feds
The night of judgment, I be the first to take heads

[60 Second Assassin]
But we got better beds..
Yo how you sleep in ya bed is how you gon' lay in it
Now hear.. my roles are shouted..
I be the lilly of the valley
Reorganizin', here in the state, I'm in the picture
A blew.. a pitcher.. blew a picture

[Killah Priest]
Every speech is short comin' in with much, a few words
Observes the view, as the birds flew above my gold tarots
Some perished that were undernourished
Still I cherished the day like Sadé
Still I star-gaze and praise everything Allah made

[60 Second Assassin]
Headquarters, the golden seal, let me hooooooold the tablet
As we read from the fabrics, they're in the last chapters
Revealin' this rap shhhhh.. (whereas it's)
Sometimes I'm gullible, but don't make me untouchable (untouchable)
I'm touchin', yeah you be big, bad, bold, I'm stuffin' you
Bring even the finest, rap warlord, ya highness
Smell royal purple, defiant

[Killah Priest]
My science still draw up clients, wakin' up to sleepin' giants
As I'm steppin' into Heaven, headin' towards the Lord's weddin'
From the war of armageddon, my arms begin spreadderin' for the breatherns


[Hell Razah]
Close the curtains, we detergents for you servants
At ya service, what's ya purpose on this surface?
Serpents tell lies amongst the righteous
My bible be my license, broketh over by the Romans
Everyday harassment, wicked ways and actions
Guide you to your caskets
We got the signs of the times like contractions
The pregnancy's the next legacy
The truth be the recipe
Chapter four, watch the poor mentor explore simple Star Wars
I walk through space corridors and escape through the back door
The señor from the top floor, ready to teach the law.. the law..
Ultra-sonic waves, the masonic may
Slaves 'lectronic, got them deaf, dumb and blinded to a sight for sore eyes
A word to the wise, this revolution won't be televised..

[sample over ad-libs]
There is a method to controlling people
Politics is referred to as political science
It's a science
If you can keep people organized, uh..
keep people disorganized, frightened, fearful
Uh, broke, that's another thing
You wanna make them feel financially in a hole
Then people are subserviant to you
You do not want people to become self-sufficient
and have enough money that they don't have to listen to you
Think about the logic behind these rules
and behind these laws we have
It's absolutely insanity
The problem is that they have total control over everything
So any time you see things going on, uh..
Just understand that the powers that be in this government..
want it that way (echoes)

[Outro (after the beat cuts off): P. Sunn (H. Razah) {60 Sec.}]
We gotta be we gotta be one nation under the groove {we gotta be}
We gotta be we gotta be one nation under the groove {we gotta be}
We gotta be we gotta be {we gotta be we gotta be}
We gotta be we gotta be {we gotta be we gotta be}
{We gotta be G.O.D.} (Book of life)