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Artist: Sunz of Man f/ Killa Sin, Timbo King
Album:  Flame Throwerz (S)
Song:   Flame Throwerz
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Prodigal Sunn (Timbo King) {Killa Sin}]
Straight up, bloodthirsty on the block
(Royal Famous, Sunz of Man jam)
Yo we gotta live
{Killarm', recognize real, my nigga} (Word up)
Respect due, it's that chamber
{It's these mothafuckin' vets in the house}
These bloodthirsty killas, bloodthirsty
We stay high, live niggaz, Timbo King
{Comin' at ya} Live live niggaz

[Timbo King]
Click click, watch the pen hit the back of the bullet
Eight shot clip, trigger-happy, ready to pull it
Danger, lettin' off heat
We don't trick, we click, we don't treat, we defeat
Crushin', flames burst out, blowin' the front piece
Semi-automatic handgun, you want beef?
Aim, fire, possession of a deadly weapon
Gunpowder gets my gun smokin', you gets to steppin'
Direct, cuz I'ma penetrate through ya skin
Rip ya inner body up when I be travellin'
Bulletholes are left cuz ya death mob couldn't hang
Timbo King, one in ya head, BANG!

[60 Second Assassin]
Evacuate like Iranians from outta Kuwait
Fast, you niggaz ain't nothin' but a bad game
Can't even stand up straight, now watch me evaporate
Any chemistry, a biggest bad memory
Old/new school recipe, ain't tryin' to see a G
Remember me? 60 Sec, dyin' to leave a killa stinkin'
Potions up, down and sideways and dropped three-feet
Tai Chi balancer of this rap game, ain't what it seems
Backwards, forwards, incomplete, yo, it's already too late
Situation, not enough time for patience, I do it right now
Seconds away from the streets, and money for the takin'
Niggaz catchin' football numbers cuz the God's daily stakes
for the Jakes be in ya face and sing the silver dollar song
It be a hit, 12 rip one, fifty dollars worth of shit
If you be shakin' ya fists, then I guess so, son

[Chorus: Killa Sin w/ Prodigal Sunn ad-libs]
Yo we came from labs and snitches to stabs and gitches
Yo some niggaz caught stitches on the road to riches
Now we rock stones on wrist-es, stackin' up bitches
That's them niggaz, the Wu cats be actin' vicious

[Kung Fu samples]
"Wu-Tang" - "Protect Ya Necks.. you can defeat my students" (X2)

[Prodigal Sunn]
Call me the fire from the flame thrower
Prodigal Sunn, code name: Noah
Brolic rhyme soldier with the heart of Jehovah
Keep a gat in my black folder, and that's over
Kid, I'm high off the Red in October, drinkin' motors
Never undermine the sunshine, one time
I never dropped nine and never copped swine
Shoot a cop in his spine, tingle, mingle with some bitches
from the beaches of Brazil to the Isle of Port of Riches
That shit is delicious, I stay vicious with the Desert Eagle
Texas it's legal, somethin' for the people
Y'all niggaz is a febble, a bunch of very blue berries
Our crew never scary, that's word down to Mary

[Killa Sin]
Yo yo I'm verbally abusive, my '92 darts'll roast ya new shit
Fuckin' with a loose click, that's hazardous for real
Faster than Steal, blast niggaz, smashin' ya grill
Faggot-ass rappers, actin' like a jackal after the kill
Pass me the Mac, cuz it ain't discrete hittin' ya Jeep
We let the two's peal until they dumped their guts in the street
We somethin' ain't sweet, these cinder blocks'll rock you to sleep
Yo it's impossible to spot me with binoculars, you creepin'
with an option that's weak, better stop all that monotonous speak
Before my fists and your opticals meet
Forever stay real, screamin' "Fuck whatever they feel"
I'm like a lower scale, niggaz tryin' to measure my skill
This Wu-Tang, mothafucka, ain't shit gon' change
Except for the rims, The RZA and my physical range

[Kung Fu samples]
"Wu-Tang" - "Protect Ya Necks.. you can defeat my students" (X2)
"I haven't used it to attack first, only in response to an attack" (X2)
"I think.. you can be an expert"